Witcher 3 Next-Gen Update May Have Added Realistic Vaginas

This post contains NSFW references, proceed at your own risk.

The highly anticipated Witcher 3: Wild Hunt next-gen update boasts a lot of things: ray tracing, DLSS, a 60fps performance mode, and, it seems, fully-formed labia. Yes, it appears that the updated version of the wildly popular CDPR game (which dropped as a free download in December of last year) has added realistic genitals for its full-frontal ladies, complete with neatly trimmed landing strips. No word yet on whether this lewder aspect of the game will make it into Netflix’s next season of the Liam Hemsworth-led show.

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In the 2015 version of the game (which has more than 200 game of the year awards and is considered one of the best RPGs ever made) any female full frontal nudity had a distinct Barbie doll effect: impossibly smooth and hairless mons pubis and the complete absence of discernible labia majora. Naturally, explicit mods cropped up that gave the often-naked female NPCs “visible vaginas and pubic hair,” because men exist and the internet is unhinged. That one’s racked up some 188,000 downloads.

Now, however, according to NSFW screenshots shared on Reddit and some real-life player testimony—my fiancé was taken aback when trying to take a picture in photo mode and noticed a bruxa had an entire bruxussy—some of The Witcher 3 women have fully formed vaginas and perfectly coiffed pubic hair. (It seems to be just the ones who are monsters, RIP.)

Though I can’t get to a point in the game to confirm this (the only full-frontal female nudity I’m aware of is either the three crones in Crookback Bog or the bruxae you can encounter on your travels), I did head to the Passiflora brothel in Novigrad, remembering that there was a bug in the original version of the game whereby one of the sex workers was fully nude in the bath. You could make her stand up by unceremoniously jumping in fully clothed. In the next-gen version of The Witcher 3, she’s got panties on no matter how many times I reload a save or exit and re-enter the Passiflora.

Knowing that The Witcher 3 next-gen updates include “fully integrated fan-made mods including 4K textures and models,” it’s only natural to consider that the realistic vagina one is one of those mods—especially when the choice of pubic hair is so distinctly similar to one of the mod’s options. So I reached out to CDPR for comment. “We’re looking into it and will have more information in the coming days,” a rep told me via email.

I’ve also reached out to the above mod’s creator via NexusMods DMs, but did not receive a response in time for publication (they haven’t been active for years). If and when we get confirmation that The Witcher 3 next-gen updates redefined the meaning of 4K textures, we’ll update this story accordingly.

Update 2/10/2023 12:18 p.m. ET: Kotaku has received an official statement from CDPR stating the addition of the realistic vaginas was “unintended” and will be removed. You can read the full story here.

The Witcher 3’s Next-Gen Vaginas Were A Mistake, Devs Say

Honey, hurry, they’re going to nerf The Witcher 3 vaginas. (NSFW warning.)

Kotaku posted a story yesterday pointing out that The Witcher 3 next-gen update added realistic vaginas, and suggesting that these kitties were one of the many fan-made mods CDPR added to the updated game. In the original Witcher 3, women who were shown in full-frontal nudity had no visible genitals, just a sort of smoothed-over, Barbie doll area. In the next-gen update, which released for free this past December, it seems that the crones from Crookback Bog and the bruxas (the only women NPCs that regularly do full-frontal without any obscuring shots or panties) have landing strip-styled pubic hair and visible labia.

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When reached for comment, CDPR initially told Kotaku that the company was “looking into it and will have more information in the coming days,” but now it seems that the vaginas were added by mistake. At least, that’s what they’re telling us in a statement received via email:

“The next-gen version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt features several community-sourced mods not created by CD PROJEKT RED, on top of numerous enhancements created and implemented by the studio internally. Merging everything together was a complex process and the textures in question are an unintended result present in the release version. This is something we are working to address.”

I asked if that meant that the vaginas would be removed from the game entirely, but have not received a response by the time of publication. If that is the case, however, (and it certainly seems like it), that means that the cronussies may get nerfed in a future Witcher 3 update.

If you too find it hard to believe that a game like The Witcher 3 (which has a ton of female nudity and absolutely no dicks) would accidentally add realistic vaginas in an update, then join the club. The vagina mod in question was wildly popular, and CDPR certainly hasn’t shied away from showing people’s bits in the past (hi, Cyberpunk 2077). But perhaps admitting that they went ahead and folded in a labia mod is a bit too much, I understand.

While landing strip pubes and perfectly neat labia aren’t the best representation of vaginas we could get, it’s better than a smoothed-over, sealed shut downstairs area—and I’d be even less bothered by it if the game included some juicy dude nudity, too. The Witcher 3 is beloved for its horniness, so I say let’s embrace it for all.

Update 2/10/2023 12:22 p.m. ET: CDPR has confirmed to Kotaku via email that the visible labia/pubic hair will be removed “as these textures were not meant to be present in the release version of the game.”

Witcher 3 Vagina Modder Claims CDPR Used Mod Without Permission

The vulva saga continues. After Kotaku broke the news that CDPR had added more realistic genitals to some of the women in The Witcher 3 with its next-gen update, then broke the news that those realistic genitals would be removed as their addition was “unintended,” it now seems that the mod itself was used by CDPR without permission (NSFW Warning).

Vaginas for Everyone is an old Nexus Mods mod created for the original PC release of The Witcher 3. It does as the name suggests: adds realistic vulva and pubic hair to many of the female NPCs, including ones who never explicitly do full-frontal nudity in the game. After examining the way the genitals are depicted in the mod and comparing them to the ones seen in the next-gen version of The Witcher 3, I reached out to the mod’s creator to confirm if their creation was indeed one of the fan-made mods CDPR had boasted about adding into the next-gen update.

Though the mod in question has two different pubic hair options, the landing strip version looks nearly identical to the genitals seen on the crones in the next-gen Witcher 3 update, down to the dusting of soft pubic hair outside of the landing strip and the layout of the labia.

According to the modder, who just recently responded to my DM on Nexus Mods after seeing Kotaku’s story, CDPR “used [their] mod” but “[they] didn’t know about it, nor did they ask [them] for permission.” While they clarified in a follow-up email that they “don’t care about that they used my mod,” the modder did offer a plausible theory for how any of this happened in the first place. Since the modder has retired from tweaking games like The Witcher 3, they said, they hadn’t seen a DM from a totally different player back in 2019. That player was the creator of “HD Monsters Reworked,” an adjustment to the game that is meant to add better textures for the creatures that Geralt encounters. If you check the changelog for the mod, many of the most recent adjustments for the HD Monsters mod say that the new version tries and makes textures more “natural.”

The message saw the other modder asking for permission to use the vagina textures for the crones, promising that the original creator would receive credit for allowing this. The modder claims that despite not responding, “the author apparently nevertheless used my mod textures for his/her own mod, but also never mentioned it nor gave credits to me on the ‘HD Monsters Reworked’ mod description page.”

“I think because of that—CDPR just never noticed it,” they added.

In response to a question about the inclusion of the more realistic genitals in the upgraded game, CDPR told Kotaku that “the next-gen version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt features several community-sourced mods not created by CD Projekt Red, on top of numerous enhancements created and implemented by the studio internally. Merging everything together was a complex process and the textures in question are an unintended result present in the release version. This is something we are working to address.”

The studio then confirmed that it would be removing the genitals from the update, writing “these textures were not meant to be present in the release version of the game.”

Shortly before the free Witcher 3 update released last year, CDPR released a list of 71 mods that would still work with the upgraded version of the game (including different hairstyles for Geralt, a no fall damage mod, and a gore mod), which brought 4K textures and a 60fps performance mode to the beloved RPG. The team also confirmed that it would be adding fan-made mods. The Vaginas for Everyone mod is not listed on the spreadsheet, or as one of the included mods.

Interestingly, that same forum post that lists the mods that will work with the updated game also states:

Additionally, we are including several popular mods in the update (they’ll be available depending on the platform). We obtained permissions from their creators, reimbursed them, and they’ll be featured in the credits of the updated game. The mods were reworked and assets optimised as needed, and the game adjusted to run with them. There was even a case when a dev got so engrossed in tinkering when including a mod that he ended up simply remaking that particular aspect of the game. So, in a way, the game comes with some mods already included.

Update 2/14/2023 9:30 a.m.: Added the follow-up response from the modder to the article.

Witcher 3 Devs On How Next-Gen Vaginas Ended Up In Game

At long last, the labiagate saga can come to a close. CD Projekt Red has confirmed to Kotaku that the realistically modeled vaginas that were recently found in the celebrated open-world RPG came from a mod…but not the one you might expect.

Apparently, the latest versions of the game, updated to take advantage of Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5, incorporate a mod called “HD Monsters Reworked” (aka HDMR), which unexpectedly included an update to certain female characters in the game. That PG-sounding mod, seemingly only intended to add realistic textures to in-game creatures, actually also incorporated elements of a totally different mod called “Vaginas for Everyone.”

“In 2021, at the time of signing the copyright transfer agreement, the HDMR mod author confirmed to CDPR that they were the sole author of the mod in question,” a CD Projekt Red spokesperson told Kotaku via email. “The HDMR mod author granted CD PROJEKT RED rights to use the mod and was credited & compensated for their work. We have contacted the HDMR mod author with questions for clarification.”

This claim is corroborated by the creator of the Vaginas for Everyone mod themselves, who tells Kotaku that back in 2019, they received a request from another mod author via DM. The modder says they didn’t see it at the time, but the message allegedly asked for permission to incorporate their genitalia adjustments into a larger-scale texture mod, HD Monsters Reworked. While Vaginas for Everyone’s creator didn’t respond back then, “the author [of HD Monsters Reworked] apparently nevertheless used my mod textures for his/her own mod, but also never mentioned it nor gave credits to me on the ‘HD Monsters Reworked’ mod description page,” the modder claims.

This could theoretically explain why CD Projekt Red missed the inclusion of the realistic genitalia in the first place: There was no record of HD Monsters Reworked incorporating the realistically modeled vaginas on its original mod page, so CD Project Red had no reason to believe they were there to begin with. It also explains why CD Projekt Red never asked for permission from the actual creator of the Vaginas for Everyone mod.

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While the creator of Vaginas for Everyone did not receive compensation for their work from CD Project Red, they also tell Kotaku that they “don’t care” that their mod snuck into the new versions of the game.

CD Projekt Red told Kotaku last week that it intends to pull the models and textures from The Witcher altogether, and on Tuesday, it elaborated on why such measures were being taken.

“We want to also add that the removal of these elements is not intended as a statement against nudity or mature themes, but rather an attempt to maintain visual coherence across all character models—including these textures in the game was not something we planned from the start,” a spokesperson said.

The “next gen” update for The Witcher 3 dropped in December, and was expected to allow easy integration with 71 mods that did everything from sprucing up Geralt’s hair, to customizing in-game gore. The game itself would also directly integrate a number of “popular” mods, the studio said at the time.

Netflix Is Stretching Out Henry Cavill’s Final Witcher Season

A still image shows Henry Cavill as Geralt.

Screenshot: Netflix / Kotaku

On Tuesday, Netflix revealed the teaser trailer for the third season of its live-action adaptation of The Witcher. Although the teaser didn’t reveal much in terms of what trouble Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer will get themselves into, it did tell us that this season is gonna drip-feed fans Henry Cavill’s final moments as the white wolf of Rivia before the Hollywood hunk exits the show, to be replaced by Liam Hemsworth for season four.

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According to the teaser trailer, The Witcher season three is going to be released in “volumes” or parts. The Witcher Season 3 Volume 1, which will include the first five episodes of the season, will hit the streamer on June 29. The Witcher Season 3 Volume 2, which will include episodes six through eight, will release on July 27. You can check out the trailer below.


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Last October, Netflix announced that Cavill will not be returning for The Witcher’s fourth season, and that he’ll be replaced by actor Liam Hemsworth. After the news of Cavill’s imminent departure hit, fans online began to theorize that the reason behind Cavill’s exit either had something to do with him reprising his role as Superman in the DC Cinematic Universe (which isn’t happening anymore) or that he had a falling out with the showrunners over their treatment of the source material, specifically Geralt’s characterization.

Either way, Cavill’s stretched-out farewell tour on the binge-centric streamer won’t be the final time we see the PC gaming fanatic take on roles related to the world of games. Two months after the announcement that he’d be leaving The Witcher in its third season, news broke that Cavill is working with Amazon Studios to produce a Warhammer 40K Series. This just goes to show that even players of games that are too niche and nerdy for British talk show hosts can turn memes into dreams.

The Witcher Spin-Off Game Reboots, Lays Off Developers

CD Projekt Red has a bunch of Witcher games in various stages of development, and one of them appears to have just undergone a major overhaul. Project Sirius, a multiplayer Witcher spin-off has “changed,” and the studio is laying off close to 30 developers who are working on it, CDPR confirmed to Kotaku.

Project Sirius was first announced last October alongside plans for a new Witcher trilogy and an open-world remake of the first game in the series by an outside studio. CDPR’s recently acquired indie studio, The Molasses Flood, known for The Flame in the Flood, was meant to be the main team behind Project Sirius, which would offer the option for single-player, and, for the first time in a Witcher game, would also include multiplayer.

It’s unclear now if that’s still on the table. Back in March, CDPR revealed a massive write-off for costs associated with its development, and now developers at The Molasses Flood have reported being laid off on May 11 after CDPR finished “defining a new framework” for the game.

“Because the project changed, so has the composition of the team that’s working on it–mainly on The Molasses Flood’s side,” a spokesperson for CDPR told Kotaku. “The concrete number of employees we parted ways with is 21 team members in the US and eight in Poland (working on the project outside of the US).”

The company declined to say anything further about the game, or what precipitated the change in direction and layoffs. “Yesterday I was laid off from Molasses Flood,” tweeted now former technical narrative designer, Robert Bailey, on May 12. “It’s not as fun to update the bio this time. I enjoyed the work I’d been doing until my last day and would love to keep doing that.”

The Molasses Flood is based in Massachusetts and was founded back in 2014 by former Halo, BioShock, and Guitar Hero developers. It was acquired by CDPR in 2021, who said at the time that the team would retain its own identity and not be merged with the Cyberpunk 2077 studio. The Molasses Flood team was fairly small prior to the acquisition, and it’s not clear how many developers are left following the layoffs.

In addition to its slate of Witcher games, CDPR is also currently working on a massive paid expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 called Phantom Liberty as well as a sequel to the first game that will include multiplayer content. That project, like many others at the Polish company, likely remains several years away.

Witcher 3 Fans Think New Patch Gameplay Change Breaks Immersion

CD Projekt Red just released a new patch for its open world RPG Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. However, players aren’t happy with all of the changes. One of the most controversial ones is the ability to auto-apply your oils instead of doing so manually before engaging with a monster. Players are concerned that automating this process takes away from the experience of being a monster hunter.

This is all very silly because the 4.03 patch notes clearly state that auto-oiling your weapons is an “option.” So players who don’t want the computer to automatically oil their weapons probably don’t even have to turn on the feature.Meaning that you could probably still oil all your swords by hand if you really wanted to.

Oils are an item that allows Geralt to deal bonus damage against certain types of enemies. For example, the Hanged Man Venom is more effective against humans. Draconid oil is effective against draconic enemies, and so on. These oils only last a specific number of hits, which means that players will have to constantly re-apply them if they’re facing a particularly tough monster.

“The idea was that you were supposed to research a monster before you fought it and come prepared,” wrote one Redditor on the Witcher 3 subreddit. “As such, you could not apply oils in combat. But there was a bug on PC where you could click and drag an oil to your sword and it would still apply [during combat]. Instead of fixing the bug on PC, CDPR just removed the block on applying oils in combat, pushing the game’s combat design philosophy in the direction of a generic hack and slash game.” Others pointed out that Geralt gets jumped by wandering enemies a lot, which leaves him no room to prepare oils in advance.

Another player pointed out that this is a pointless hill to die on when we make so many other realism concessions for a smoother gameplay experience. “The game asks you to craft oils once and never again. The game automatically fills out the bestiary for you,” they wrote. “Auto-applied oils was just the next logical step in a game where slowly but surely everything that made the bestiary and oil system stopped mattering.”

Besides, the community already has an auto-oil mod that’s been downloaded over 1,500,000 times. It’s clear that being able to apply your oil automatically is something that a lot of players do want from their Witcher 3 experience. The difference now is that they can turn it on natively instead of having to learn how to install a mod. Players praised the mechanic for saving them a trip to the inventory.

More importantly: Players should be able to play their game how they want, and stop wringing their hands on how other people choose to experience Witcher 3, a game that most fans have replayed countless times before. If there’s a legitimate grievance in here, it’s probably that the latest patch is causing some hiccups with players’ existing mods. Which is unfortunate, but developers can’t possibly account for every possible mod that fans create.

“Don’t apply oils in combat if you want the extra challenge,” a fan wisely wrote. “You act like a CDPR goon is at your house holding a gun to your head making sure you enable these settings.”

Wild Days Gone 2 And Witcher 3 Studio Rumor Gets Shutdown

It’s almost summer and gamers are starting to lose it. In the midst of a renewed console race frenzy and video game industry consolidation, fan speculation about future game releases and company deals is at an all time high. It’s an exciting time for new announcements as we head into not-E3 showcase season, but also the perfect set of conditions for bullshit rumors to circulate online at lightning speed. That’s how CD Projekt Red ended up recently being forced to respond to random chatter on a Destiny 2 Discord while fans got hyped for a Days Gone 2 that’s not currently happening.

There’s no shortage of rumors in the gaming industry, ranging from complete fanfiction to credible but unverified claims from well known social media accounts with established track records. Recently, however, it feels like a pseudo pipeline for propagating and boosting video game rumors has increased its frequency and escalated the noise around. Message boards like r/GamingLeaksAndRumors now aggregate everything from random guesses to actual reporting from a supporting cast of “insiders” at record speed, while clout-chasing accounts on YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter race to re-post, rip-off, or misinterpret the alleged insider info.

CD Projekt Red isn’t about to become a PlayStation studio

And so a bonkers rumor that read somewhere between a meme and shitpost traveled from an obscure Destiny leaking community to CD Projekt Red’s official Q1 2023 earnings call. A Discord user who goes only by Liz seemingly posted the following message over the weekend like a 1920s telegraph being sent across the Atlantic: “Playstation plans on buying CD Projekt Red Days Gone 2 in development.”

On May 27 the rumor popped up on Reddit. On May 28 it got picked up by some gaming accounts on Twitter. “PlayStation new rumors,” tweeted longtime industry-watcher, Paul “NextGenPlayer” Hunter. “Take with a massive grain of salt.” Salt did not stop the rumor from spreading far enough that by May 29 a rep for CDPR was openly commenting on it, saying the whole thing was nonsense.

Not everyone fell for the bait or played into it. “Bend Studio is not making Days Gone 2,” wrote gaming news account Okami13. “In all likelihood, Sony acquiring CDPR is false too.” Popular Witcher content creator LastKnownMeal tweeted he wouldn’t even react to the rumors on his channel because they were obviously baseless. “Yah, we’re not in such talks with Sony,” responded CDPR rep Ola Sondej.

Still, the rumor made its way to analysts’ questions during the company’s May 29 earnings call. “Nothing has changed on our end,” said CEO Adam Kiciński flatly (via VGC). “So, I can repeat what we have been saying throughout the years—CD Projekt is not for sale.” He continued, “We want to remain independent. We have, I believe an excellent strategy. Not easy to execute, for sure, but it’s very exciting to follow our own path. So it’s a pure rumor.”

And what about Days Gone 2? The Sony studio behind the original game already confirmed in a blog post last year that it was working on a new IP that would use similar gameplay systems but take place in a completely different world than the third-person zombie action game. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier previously reported that Sony had pushed Bend away from making a sequel, initially having the studio’s teams assist Naughty Dog with its projects. The first Days Gone’s director, Jeff Ross, even recently tweeted that Days Gone 2 would have been due out around now, but only if things had gone differently. Even popular leaker The Snitch literally typed “wtf” after seeing the rumor in another Discord.

Where did the Days Gone 2 rumor come from?

“So I usually post Destiny stuff,” Liz, the source of the rumor, told Kotaku in a Discord DM. Part of what gave it a whiff of credibility initially is that Liz has also been the source of some giant leaks for Bungie’s massive sci-fi MMO, now technically a PlayStation first-party game post Sony acquisition. It wasn’t just some random internet stranger throwing darts at a rumor board, at least not entirely.

“I go through a pretty thorough process to confirm/deny information sent to me,” Liz said. “Someone who I was speaking to sent me some stuff, which I posted to my Discord. Since it was general Playstation info and not Destiny, I didn’t really go through the effort I usually do. I definitely underestimated the reach I had, especially coming to non-Destiny related stuff. I expected it to kind of sit in the channel I posted it in, and that would be the end of it, fake or not.”

While the rumor was baeless, it’s also easy to see why it was the exact right type of rumor at the precise moment to breakout of the Destiny leaks containment zone. Specifically, some diehard Sony fans came out of the company’s latest PlayStation showcase feeling underwhelmed. Questions were raised about what the rest of the company’s first-party studios are working on besides Spider-Man 2, an epidemic of “hopium” that took over some quarters of the PlayStation community.

Some players no doubt want to believe that big secret moves were in the works. Long-standing fan dreams about what a Days Gone sequel could have been like and a perennial rumor that Sony will buy the company behind one of the most beloved open world RPGs ever. It’s not even a particularly outlandish set of claims, which is probably also part of why they bubbled up to the surface this past weekend despite almost everyone involved knowing better. With Summer Game Fest and the Xbox showcase just around the corner, it won’t be the last time either.


The Witcher 3 Hits 50M Sold, One Of The Best-Selling Games Ever

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt—CD Projekt Red’s massively successful and critically acclaimed open-world RPG—has now sold over 50 million copies, making it one of the best-selling games of all time. It’s sold enough copies to be rubbing elbows with massive games like Grand Theft Auto V, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Tetris.

First released in 2015 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, The Witcher 3 was developed and published by CD Projekt Red and was the third entry in the open-world RPG series. Like the previous two, it starred the monster hunter and stoic charmer Geralt and was based on a series of fantasy novels about the character. What helped The Witcher 3 stand apart from other games in 2015 and what helps it continue to shine today—is the quality of its huge open world. Nearly every square inch of the map is thoughtfully designed and filled with interesting, well-written characters and side-quests. And now, in 2023, it’s quite clear this game is something special as it’s sold approximately a bazillion copies since release. That’s a lot!

More specifically, on May 29, CD Projekt Red announced that The Witcher 3 has sold over 50 million copies since its 2015 launch. That’s an impressive number by itself, without any context. But it becomes even more impressive when you start to compare it to other games and franchises.

Some of the games The Witcher 3 has outsold since 2015

The Witcher 3 is now, based on publicly available data, the ninth best-selling video game in history, just slipping by Pokémon Red / Blue / Yellow, the first-ever Pokemon game’s, equally impressive 47.5 million units. Also below The Witcher 3 are huge hit games like Skyrim, Diablo III, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, GTA: San Andreas, and Borderlands 2. And it’s creepin’ up on Red Dead Redemption II, which sits at number eight on the current list. Rockstar’s open-world cowboy game currently stands at around 53,000,000 sold.

In fact, The Witcher 3 has sold enough copies that, like GTA V, it’s starting to outsell entire franchises. For example, The Witcher 3—a single video game—-has sold more copies than Sony’s entire The Last of Us franchise. It’s also outsold the entireties of Saint’s Row, Watch Dogs, Horizon, Splinter Cell, Dying Light, and Dark Souls.

With that much success, it’s not surprising that CD Projekt Red has more Witcher games in the works, including a new trilogy made in-house, a handful of spin-offs from other developers, and an Unreal Engine-powered remake of the original Witcher game. By the time all of these games are finally out, it’s likely The Witcher 3 will have sold yet more copies and moved even further up the rankings. And it did all this without Henry Cavill.

Witcher Voice Actor Fans Rush To Support After Cancer Diagnosis

Geralt draws his sword.

Image: CD Projekt Red

Doug Cockle, the man who provides Geralt of Rivia’s distinctive voice for CD Projekt Red’s Witcher games (not to mention staunch trans ally), has recently shared that he’s been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Fans and developers of the games have since come together to show their support in the wake of this upsetting news.

Starting with CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher in 2007, the series has starred a wonderful cast of voice actors, and chief among them was the man who took on the role of Geralt himself, Doug Cockle. Cockle would go on to voice Geralt for the next two sequels, as well as in 2018’s Soulcalibur VI. In a series of role-playing games beloved for its characters and dialogue, Cockle’s signature gruff-yet-emotional performance as Geralt is instantly recognizable, and has become closely associated with the character for fans over the years. He’s also acted in a variety of other games such as Quantum Break, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Smite, among many others. In a tweet on June 6, Cockle publicly revealed that he’s recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

“I had no idea,” Cockle’s tweet opens. “Random check and Boom…I have full blown prostate cancer. Treatment ongoing but looking good so far.”

The official Witcher twitter account replied with a show of support.

Countless fans have poured into the tweet’s replies to show their love and support, praising him for coming forward to encourage others to get checked and sending him “positive Witcher vibes and love” and encouragement that there’s “no doubt a Witcher can beat this.”

Cockle revealed the diagnosis in response to Prostate Cancer UK’s tweet promoting awareness of the disease during Men’s Health Week and emphasizing that there are many misconceptions about it, especially that one would likely have symptoms early enough to detect the cancer before it becomes serious.

And while cis men are very much at risk for prostate cancer, it’s also important to recognize that the disease can affect many trans and non-binary people as well.

Kotaku has reached out to CD Projekt Red for comment, and we wish Cockle a speedy recovery.

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