Overwatch 2’s Season 3 Event Turns Doomfist Into One Punch Man

Which anime studio will actually work on One Punch Man season 3 might still be up in the air, but what we know for damn sure is that the mega-popular anime is making its way to Overwatch 2.

Today the Overwatch team announced that its villain, Doomfist, is turning over a new heroic leaf—aesthetically at least—because he’s getting a new skin based on iconic One Punch Man protagonist Saitama. Overwatch 2 season three begins tomorrow, and the collaboration event will run from March 7 through April 6.

“Together we’ve created a collection of cosmetics from the beloved anime, including Saitama skin for Doomfist,” Blizzard wrote in a blog post. “We’ll reveal each item before they drop on March 7, with one being a Legendary skin that’s earnable via themed challenges.

The announcement makes a lot of sense when you consider the number of anime references already stuffed into the game. Chief among them is a Moira Neon Genesis Evangelion spray, Sombra’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure-esque ultimate, and a Baptiste Dragon Ball Z spray. Hell, prior to the new Doomfist Saitama skin, Blizzard’s punch-happy hero already had a spray that spoofed Saitama’s memed-to-death punch.

While Doomfist’s new skin does a serviceable job recreating the essence of OPM’s caped baldy, I can’t help but wonder what else could have been if Overwatch made OPM skins for heroes who had similar powers and personalities. So because nobody asked, I assembled a quick list of Overwatch characters Blizzard should’ve given their own One Punch Man skins.

Honorable mentions go to (deep breath) Tracer as Flashy Flash, Roadhog as Pig God (I mean c’mon), Reaper as Zombie Man, Ramattra as Metal Knight, Kiriko as Tatsumaki, Mercy as Fubuki, Moira as Psykos, and Hanzo as Atomic Samurai. I could go on, but…

Actually, I will. Fans of One Punch Man will observe that OPM X Overwatch 2 is very fertile crossover ground that lends itself to a ton of thematically interesting skin ideas. Here are a few that come to mind.

D.Va / Child Emperor

A side-by-side image comparison of Overwatch's D.Va and One Punch Man's Child Emperor.

Junk food-eating child prodigies.
Image: Blizzard / J.C. Staff / Madhouse / Shueisha / Viz Media / Kotaku

Should Overwatch decide to do another OPM collaboration, the easiest skin decision they could make would be giving their off-brand Dorito-eating gremlin, Hana Song, a Child Emperor skin. Much like D.Va, Child Emperor, as his name suggests, is a child prodigy within the OPM mythos thanks to his technical know-how with an array of gizmos at his disposal. Chief among them is his big-ass mecha, Brave Giant.

Zenyatta / Mumen Rider

A side-by-side image comparison of Overwatch's Zenyatta and One Punch Man's Mumen Rider.

Brittle-bone bois.
Image: Blizzard / Madhouse / Kotaku

Imma be honest, I mostly went with this choice because, much like Zenyattta, Mumen Rider’s bones might as well be made of glass any time he’s pitted against a big bad, but his determination to keep fighting the good fight is inspiring. Plus, Zeny would look cute floating around with a little green biker helmet atop his chrome dome. Arguably, Blizzard could’ve gone the route of giving Zenyatta a Saitama skin with how much force his kicks have.

Genji / Genos / Speed o’ Sound Sonic / Metal Bat / Sweet Mask

A side-by-side comparison of One Punch Man's Genos and Overwatch's Genji.

It just makes sense.
Image: Blizzard / Shueisha / Viz Media / Kotaku

In accordance with the Overwatch doctrine’s rule that Genji gets the “most goodest skins in the game,” I wager the annoying cybernetic ninja would get the skins for the coolest characters in OPM as well. Off the top, Genji, like Genos, is a cybernetically modified dude who often steals the limelight from other characters. Coincidentally, both characters often receive mechanical updates that can hinder or enhance their combat ability. Think of all those Geji nerfs, and you’ll know I’m right on this one.

Genji players deserve a skin that appeals to their already-inflated vanity, which is where the Sweet Mask skin suggestion comes into play. Genji also comes off as a cool guy, so giving him a pompadour and a baseball bat skin, à la Metal Bat, makes sense on a skin-design level. Because Genji is one of the fastest characters in Overwatch 2 and is a ninja, giving him a Speed-o’-Sound Sonic skin just makes sense. Plus, both disaster men’s speed often works to their detriment.

Soldier: 76 / Bang / Blast

A side-by-side comparison of One Punch Man's Bang and Blast and Overwatch's Soldier 76.

Zaddies, rise up.
Image: Blizzard / J.C. Staff / Shueisha / Viz Media / Kotaku

Soldier: 76 embodies strength, courage, and the will to fight on when the rest of the team has rage-quit or thrown a match. His helix rockets come in clutch as a one-tap kill to squishy heroes, he’s one of the few heroes who have the ability to run, and his ultimate can wipe out an entire team single-handedly. These are all qualities that point toward giving Jack Morrison OPM skins of the veteran hero Bang and the legendary sequestered hero, Blast. Morrison’s already sporting Bang’s silver-fox hairdo, so all Blizzard would have to do is give him a black shirt and call it a day. Plus, Blizzard can repurpose Morrison’s OG skin to have all the elaborate bells and whistles of Blast’s hero costume.

Reinhardt / Puri Puri Prisoner

A side-by-side comparison image of Overwatch's Reinhardt and One Punch Man's Puri Puri Princess.

Gods among men.
Image: Blizzard / Madhouse / Kotaku

Remember when you were down and out and a D.Va exploding mech was about to wreck you and your entire squad’s chances of winning? Who dropped their shield and charged the mech at a safe distance away from you at the cost of their own well-being? A Reinhardt player, that’s who. Just as Reinhardt is self-sacrificing and a mother hen to his lil heroes, so too is OPM’s Puri Puri Prisoner. Give Reinhardt his own magical girl transformation, cowards.

Brigette / Captain Mizuki

A side-by-side comparioson image of Overwatch's Brigitte and One Punch Man's Captain Mizuki.

Yusuke Murata and Blizzard’s body-type preferences are one and the same.
Image: Blizzard / Viz Media / Shueisha / Kotaku

All I’m saying is Overwatch should give Brigitte a rest from her skins not passing the bootlicker allegations and let her homegirl show off her muscles while she shield bashes and rallies the troops like OPM’s Captain Mizuki. They can even turn her mace into Mizuki’s baton for good measure.

Garo / Junkrat

A side-by-side image of Overwatch's Junkrat and One Punch Man's Garou.

Like looking in a mirror.
Image: Blizzard / J.C.Staff / Kotaku

They may not have emerged out of the same womb, but OPM’s Garo and Overwatch’s Junkrat might as well consider each other blood brothers for how much damage they can take and dish out. Even “defeating” these two in their respective mythos results in them getting even via Garo’s power-ups and Junkrat’s “you eliminated me while stepping on my bombs, idiot” ability. Junkrat’s already got the hair for a casual Garo cosplay. All he’ll need is an all-black suit, like my proposed Soldier 76 Bang skin. Easy peasy.

This concludes my Overwatch x One Punch Man what-if skins Ted Talk.

Yoko Taro’s New Game Turns Sega Classics Into Waifus

Today, Sega revealed the trailer for its new mobile game collaboration with Nier and Drakengard series creator Yoko Taro. As is tradition for any collaboration with Taro, this game’s elevator pitch trades in the bizarre twists only Taro’s mind can concoct: a gacha game that transforms Sega classics into waifus set in a dark future in which Sega controls society.

The game, whose announcement was teased earlier this week, is called 404 Game Re:set. In typical Yoko Taro fashion, you’ll be charged with taking on a corrupt, alternate version of Sega, which calls to mind that one Nier: Automata DLC in which you got to fight Square Enix execs. According to Video Games Chronicle, the text that flashed on the phone in the trailer read “Kill Sega” before dropping to the floor. Oh to have been a fly on the wall of that pitch meeting. However, the twist, because there’s always gotta be a twist with this dude, is that you won’t be fighting alone. By your side will be the waifu personifications of a bunch of classic Sega games.


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“It’s a game that features Sega’s IP, so I thought Sega should be in the game, but I didn’t think Sega would want to see a game that portrayed it well, so I portrayed it negatively,” Taro said in the announcement trailer (as translated by VGC). “It’s a world that imagines that if things were to go well for Sega but then got out of control, it could end up like this.”

So far, the confirmed Sega games that will be getting hit with the waifu ray are After Burner, Out Run, Virtua Cop, and Virtua Fighter. In an interview with Famitsu, producer Gosuke Nakamura said there will be “many more” Sega girls for players to collect. This means there’s still a chance we will see him choose the definitive car-waifu from Daytona USA ya’ll. No copying the Transformers bishojo toy line, Taro. I’ll know.

A Google-translated tweet from the official 404 Game Re:set account describes the game’s setting as a “Sega country” that seeks to “deceive and control people.” The player character, in turn, will be charged with the task of “deliver[ing] the truth hidden by Sega to as many people as possible” and taking back the world from the maniacal Sega country.


Outside of Taro’s newest venture, the eccentric Emil-skull-wearing auteur has been contributing to the Nier: Automata Ver 1.1a anime from production studio A-1 Pictures. To keep the show interesting for viewers who’ve played Nier: Automata, the anime is combining routes A and B, concluding episodes with a fun puppet show that describes the game’s many endings, and has hidden coded messages for fans to decipher within its eye catches.

Although the Nier anime is currently on hiatus due to covid, that hasn’t stopped the mad lad from writing a 15-minute music video that expands upon the series’ lore. Time will tell whether or not Taro will include even more meta gameplay mechanics in 404 Game Re:set or if he’ll leave well enough alone with the gacha waifu sega classics concept. He is an unapologetic capitalist so expect some shenanigans down the road, mobile players.

404 Game Re:set is currently available to wishlist on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play store.

Elden Ring Director Turns To Escape From Tarkov For Inspiration

It seems that Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki and I share an affinity for the same kind of game: Extraction shooters. (I always knew he had good taste). In a recent interview, the award-winning director said that he was a fan of none other than Escape From Tarkov and, more importantly, that it and other innovative multiplayer games are providing inspirational material for future FromSoftware games.

Released last year, Elden Ring has become a phenomenal success. One of the best Soulsborne games yet, it justifiably scored last year’s title of Game of the Year at the Keighley’s. The game’s first major expansion was also recently announced to eager anticipation from fans. Though many typically enjoy Elden Ring and other Soulslikes as tough, solo RPGs, FromSoftware’s games have often included multiplayer components. Aside from cooperative play, players can “invade” another player’s game, posing a new and smarter threat.

Though wildly different genres, extraction shooters like Escape From Tarkov and, more recently, Call of Duty’s DMZ, offer a similar experience. As PvPvE games, players are at risk from hostile AI just as much as they are from other players. But instead of warping in by way of a Bloody Finger like in Elden Ring, players in multiplayer extraction shooters are always at risk of “invasion” from players occupying the same game instance, creating an unpredictable set of tough challenges.

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What is Escape From Tarkov? (and why it’s so similar to Elden Ring)

Speaking to IGN about future games from FromSoftware, Miyazaki said:

“I’m really interested in [multiplayer elements, both technology and game design] as one of the fans and one of the creators. Especially [Escape from Tarkov]. So I’m basically paying attention to those elements as a creator and fan of the game.”

Still in Early Access from its original release date of 2016, Escape From Tarkov has made a name for itself as a brutally technical and tactical shooter. The goal of gathering essential gear or quest items and then escaping from the map is challenged by hostile AI and players scattered across an open world filled with unlockables and collectibles. On top of that, the game features a highly detailed health system and set of inventory management responsibilities. Get out alive, you keep everything you found. Die, and you lose it all, including what you came in with. Hmm, doesn’t that sound familiar?

Other extraction shooters, such as Call of Duty’s DMZ or The Cycle: Frontier, dial back some of the survival and loot management, but preserve the same PvPvE element. Though the main game loop is to get in and get out of an area, everything that happens in between is completely up to the unpredictable chaos of uncertainty and competing interests. Look past the shooter gameplay, and it bears striking resemblance to the Dark Souls or Elden Ring’s loop of traveling from campfire to campfire, hopefully alive and with all of the souls you’ve recovered along the way. Kinda makes sense then that Miyazaki is a fan.

Elden Ring’s creator is interested in using other players as a “gameplay resource”

What Miyazaki seems to be particularly interested in when it comes to games like Tarkov is how this multiplayer arrangement uses other players “as one of the resources for the gameplay.” In multiplayer extraction shooters, other players are equally an opportunity for opposition or cooperation, which leads to tense standoffs and broader debates about the ethics of player behavior and difficulty—again, not too dissimilar to debates over difficulty level when it comes to the Souls games.

From the perspective of an individual player, opposing players take on the role of the game’s obstacles, creating challenges of unexpected and varied difficulty and behaviors that rely on social dynamics just as much as they do actual game mechanics.

Whether or not such inspiration is likely to be seen in Elden Ring’s recently announced and upcoming expansion remains to be seen. But damn, the mere thought of a fusion between these two worlds sure as hell is exciting.

New Mod Turns Dead Space Into Creepy First-Person Horror Game

The original Dead Space may not look as fancy as that new remake released earlier this year, but thanks to a new fan-created mod, you can play the original game in first person. Not only does this seem scarier, but it actually looks really good, too.

First released back in 2008, the original Dead Space was developed by Visceral Games and published by EA for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. It’s a terrifying third-person survival horror game that feels heavily inspired by Resident Evil 4 and sci-fi films like Event Horizon. Both the original Dead Space (and its flashy 2023 remake) rely on being able to see main character Issac Clarke’s back and body, as this is where your health and other HUD elements are placed. And having the camera back there lets you see around you more, helping save you from ambushes lurking around corners.

So what if a mod got rid of all that and turned the game into an FPS aka a first-person scary? Would the scares be scarier? Would health management be near-impossible? Would the experience be more difficult overall? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore.

EA / Reverse Engineering Gamer

First Person Mod is the simply titled but excellent-looking Dead Space mod created by Reverse Engineering Gamer that does exactly as it suggests: it turns Dead Space into a first-person experience. The mod is out now and available to download via Nexus mods, though keep in mind this is developed for the original Dead Space, not the modern remake.

According to the mod creator, the “core” of the mod only took around five days to create. However, tweaking and tuning the mod to work as well as it does and making the game actually playable in first person took “several months” and involved a lot of work. Originally, the plan wasn’t to create a first-person mod, but to experiment to see what kind of camera mods could be implemented in the horror game. Kotaku reached out to the modder about what these other camera mods were.

“This quickly grew into a first-person mod project,” explained Reverse Engineering Gamer.

“Admittedly there were some frustrating times while making this mod, but overall I had a lot of fun creating this project. I hope that you guys enjoy playing/using this mod as much as I had fun making it.”

While the mod creator suggests you “enjoy” their creation, I think most people will be too scared to enjoy it as they desperately shove health packs into their faces, unable to tell if they are near death or not while being chased by some unseen pack of undead nasties. Have fun!


Elden Ring Mod Turns The RPG Into A Pokémon-Style Free-For-All

A new Elden Ring mod morphs FromSoftware’s open world epic into a gory Pokémon battler, with infinite spirit summons you can pit against each other like you’re Ash Ketchum at the renaissance fair. You can download the Elden Ring Spirit Battler” now on Nexus Mods, no strings attached. You only need to be enthusiastic about the prospect of relaxing in a field with the sun, your sword, and 10 Dung Eaters.

That’s the exciting part of the mod—created by Dark Souls data miner and modder King Bore,

Spirit Battler turns “any enemy you want” into Spirit Ashes, including bosses like bulwark Malenia and the deranged Starscourge Radahn. According to its Nexus Mods description, it’s simply “a tool to set up custom encounters in Elden Ring via spirit ash summons,” including “Summon vs summon, Player vs summon, Free for All, Custom Spirit Ash. Whatever you want!”

First, select up to 10 enemies and allocate them into teams using the Spirit Battler, which you connect to your Elden Ring installation by pasting regulation.bin into the ModEngine2 “mod” folder. You can customize the color summons appear as (red like an invader, a Spirit Ash summon’s standard celestial blue, etc.), allocate their stats (“Want a crab that does 100x damage?” the Nexus Mods description suggests), select their fight location, and more. After you’ve made your desired changes, select a canonical Spirit Ash summon to overwrite, then save in the Battler to apply it to your actual game.

King Bore demonstrated the boundless possibilities of the mod in a recent tweet, setting up the battler so that, upon ringing a Spirit Calling Bell, Bore’s character is immediately surrounded by a towering giant, a bloodthirsty silver orb, the horse Torrent, whatever these pizza dough-looking guys are, and other pissed-off enemies.

All these summons might crowd your chosen location, but Spirit Battler seems like a pleasantly ridiculous way to play Elden Ring, especially when you opt for Bore’s more Pokémon-ish suggestions, like an all-crab battle royale. Or, at the very least, it should hold you over until the game’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion makes it to consoles and PCs sometime in the future. Think of all the crabs you could smoke in the meantime.


The Sims 4 Bug Turns Infants Into Long-Legged Monsters

A small child is seen singing to two people sitting in chairs in a living room while having normal sized legs. He will, however, be the only one in this article that can claim that.

Image: EA

Unless you consider watching people get up and go to work every morning to be a horrifying sight, you probably wouldn’t classify The Sims 4 as a horror game. However, its latest update brings infants to the game for the first time ever, and while they may look cute when you first load up your save file, players have discovered a glitch that turns them into long-legged monsters.

The bug has been reported to EA’s support site (thanks Eurogamer) where players say they’ve been able to replicate the problem by having infants interact with objects around the house, such as a toy or lamp. So while developer Maxis is most likely aware of the issue, several players have shared examples of it in their Sims 4 games to places like Reddit. If I had to see these infants walking around on fully-grown adult legs, so do you.

A Sims 4 infant is seen with abnormally long legs and floating in the middle of a room as if it were possessed by a demon but smiling menacingly.

A Sims 4 Infant is seen with long legs and arms that make it as tall as the adult-sized unicorn plush it's standing next to.

Another long-legged infant is shown with a small cat standing next to it basking in horror.

These shapeshifting monstrosities came as part of a larger update earlier this week alongside the Growing Together expansion pack. Beyond the whole nightmare fuel glitch, the update is actually a pretty substantial step forward for babies in The Sims, as they have more customization options and ways of interacting with other characters than ever before.

Before this update, infants were treated similarly to objects adult characters could interact with rather than as a person with their own wants and needs. It’s just a shame they also seem to be going through sporadic growth spurts when interacting with certain objects. Here’s hoping Maxis addresses it sooner rather than later for those who weren’t expecting any body horror between the woohooing and removing ladders from the pool. Babyface Toy Story lookin’ ass.

The Sims 4 went free-to-play back in September, eight years after its 2014 launch. While the team is still supporting the game as we near its ninth anniversary, Maxis teased the next entry in the series shortly after The Sims 4 made the free-to-play shift.

Fan Art Turns Up In Destiny Cutscene, Bungie Will ‘Compensate’ Artist

Destiny trailer

Last week Bungie blew the doors clean off its convoluted and mysterious lore by releasing a cutscene that spelled out exactly what The Traveler—that big white moon central to the series’ storyline—was, and where it had come from.

For Destiny fans that must have been extremely satisfying, but it was something else for artist Julian Faylona, aka ELEMENTJ21, who noticed that part of the official video sure looked like a piece of their own Destiny fan art that they first published online in 2020.

“I just realized Bungie took inspiration from my piece for this week’s cutscene”, they tweeted last week. “Certainly took me by surprise when I watched the cutscene”. As you can see below, the similarities between Faylona’s piece (green, on the right) and the art in Bungie’s trailer (black, left) show that the word “inspiration” is being used very generously:

In response, Bungie told PC Gamer over the weekend that they “are planning to compensate and credit them for their work.”

“We discovered that an external vendor that helped to create this cutscene mistakenly used this art as a reference, assuming it was official Bungie artwork. We are currently waiting to hear back from the artist to take the necessary steps to remedy this situation.”

While these “company lifts fan art” stories can often be acrimonious—and rightly so, given they are often outright theft—in this particular case Faylona has been surprisingly chill about the whole thing.

“To be honest, I’m genuinely excited and happy that the piece I made 2 years ago—which, even back then, I fully acknowledged is based on the Destiny franchise—made it into the cutscene,” they said to PC Gamer in a statement. “It was totally unexpected and completely caught me by surprise. So much so that I wanted to make a shoutout about it.”

The art in question was part of this cutscene

New Last Of Us PC Mod Turns Game Into Intense FPS

The Last of Us Part 1 is a brutal game that features a lot of murder and gore. But because the game is played from a third-person perspective, there is a bit of distance between players and its intense action. But that distance disappears when the game is modded into an action-packed first-person shooter.

In March, Naughty Dog released the remastered PS5 version of the original Last of Us on PC. Initially, this version of the popular post-apocalyptic zombie survival game was a mess, filled with bugs and other problems. But since then, the developers have apologized for the lousy port and improved it. And now, as the Last of Us Part 1 on PC gets more stable, people are beginning to mod the game.

As first spotted by Comicbook.com, YouTuber and modder Voyagers Revenge is working on a first-person mod for Last of Us on PC. The mod is intended to make the game not only play like a first-person shooter, but also make the combat more intense and violent. You can see the mod in action in a recently uploaded eight-minute gameplay video.

The Last of Us in First Person Mode – Brutal Combat & New Aggressive Gameplay [PC Mods 4K 60FPS HDR]

In the video, the creator shows off how the combat from the Last of Us Part 1 translates to a FPS-like perspective. At one point we see Joel holding off waves of infected enemies with a handgun and rifle, and it almost plays out like something from Dying Light or Far Cry. It’s surprising that, even in this unfinished state, the mod looks extremely playable and professional. If you told me this was some new VR mode being added to the game by Naughty Dog themselves that would work with PSVR2 headsets, I’d probably believe you.

According to Voyagers Revenge’s videos, the mod, which they’ve been working on for a few months already, is being developed using tools created by other modders Flawless Widescreen, JediJosh920, and TheMagicalBlob.

Now the bad news: Voyagers Revenge doesn’t have a release date for this FPS mod. In the comments under the new gameplay video, they explain that this version of the mod is “unstable” and was built on an “older build of the game” that is prone to crashing. However, the creator does suggest that some version of the mod might be released publicly in the future, telling viewers to “stay tuned” and adding that “the mod community for [Last of Us] is going to wake up.”

Sailor Moon-Inspired Cosplay Turns Lizzo Into Justice Barbie

Lizzo smiles and poses on stage while wearing a Sailor Moon-inspired outfit.

Screenshot: Lizzo / Instagram / Kotaku

Lizzo wore a sequin-spotted pink bodysuit while headlining the Fuji Rock Festival in Naeba, Japan on Sunday, giving life to, she said on stage, her “favorite television show growing up,” Sailor Moon. The bodysuit, made and styled by Venezuelan designer Ruben Isaza and inspired by a popular cosplayer (who asked not to be named), Lizzo’s outfit is an ode to a regular girl who can turn into a hero.

The outfit—bubblegum-pink and predominantly made up of thick-slice ribbons, arranged in an almost heart-shaped birthday present bow around Lizzo—takes cues from Sailor Moon protagonist Usagi Tsukino’s transformation into crime-fighting guardian Sailor Moon. In the 1992 anime, after Usagi issues the command “Moon Prism Power, Make Up!,” a hail of pink ribbons burst forth from a pendant on her chest and snap into the schoolgirl’s battle-ready costume.

That scene solidified “a dream of mine,” Lizzo said on stage before shouting “Moon Prism Power, Make Up!” herself and gleefully twirling around.

“I used to dream about being a Sailor Scout and using love to win,” Lizzo said on Instagram, referencing Sailor Moon’s war cry: “I am the Pretty Guardian, who fights for Love and for Justice!”

“This is an ode to every young person who dreams hard and loves harder,” Lizzo continued.

The “Truth Hurts” singer, who recently contributed the opening song “Pink” to the Barbie movie, has extensively spoken of her Sailor Moon fandom, telling CBS News broadcast journalist Gayle King in 2020 she wishes she could swap places with Sailor Moon so that she could also transform. She and her dancers also all wore Sailor Guardian costumes while performing at New Orleans’ Voodoo Fest in 2018. In the name of the Moon, this Barbie will punish you.


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