RE4’s Separate Ways DLC Brings Back Infamous Laser Room

This year’s Resident Evil 4 remake is an enjoyable survival horror game for fans and newcomers alike, and will likely be remembered as one of the best entries in the long-running franchise. But if we’re picking nits, it did suck that Capcom omitted the original game’s cool laser room section. So, it’s nice to see that’s returning in the upcoming Separate Ways DLC.

Released back in March, Capcom’s big-budget Resident Evil 4 remake is a very good video game. I enjoyed the way Capcom changed some things—melee combat, for example—while staying faithful to the original 2005 third-person horror classic. However, while most of Resident Evil 4 is recreated in the gorgeous remake, some moments didn’t make the cut. Some of these omissions were really disappointing, so it’s great to see the recently announced Separate Ways DLC is bringing back some of the most popular and sorely missed sections from the OG RE4.

The original Separate Ways was a smaller, bonus campaign starring Ada Wong as she ran about the events of Resident Evil 4 on her own mission. This mode was included in all versions of the game released after the initial GameCube edition, and was unlocked by completing the main story.


As DLC this time around, the new Separate Ways appears to be mostly the same adventure—once again starring Ada Wong as she does cool spy shit—but in this version, she’s infected with the Las Plagas parasite, an interesting change from the original bonus campaign.

What’s new in the DLC and when does it release?

It’s also nice to see the return of the fan-favorite laser room setpiece, a late-game moment that saw Leon dodging lasers in a high-tech hallway. Also spotted in the new DLC trailer is an area that looks a lot like the cable cars section that is also missing in Resident Evil 4 remake. There is even a tease of U-3, a monster that skipped the remake but appears to be showing up to get killed in Separate Ways. So yeah, as usual, Ada is here to do what Leon and so many others can’t, and to do it in style.

Separate Ways launches on September 21 and will cost $10. You’ll need to own Resident Evil 4 remake. The DLC will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S. (And just like the main game, not on Xbox One.)

Capcom also plans to drop a free update for the RE4 remake that will add Ada Wong and Albert Wesker to the game’s Mercenaries mode, so there’ll be two ways to play as the enigmatic assassin.

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