Latest Witcher 3 Patch Gives Switch Some Love, Improves Combat

A Witcher 3 screenshot shows Geralt wearing cool glasses.

Screenshot: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku

On Wednesday, CD Projekt Red juiced up The Witcher 3 with yet another patch, giving the eight-year-old fantasy role-playing game improved cross-platform progression on consoles, new features for Nintendo Switch, and even better-looking grass for touching purposes.

The Witcher 3’s version 4.04 patch introduces a hodgepodge of graphical updates and quality-of-life improvements to both console and PC versions of the game, as well as bringing certain specific improvements to the Nintendo Switch. In short, the latest patch improves the Switch’s cross-progression feature making it so that, once logged in to your CD Projekt Red account, you can pick up where you left off in The Witcher 3 on other platforms. The Switch is also getting the Netflix-inspired content other consoles received in the last patch.

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Aside from numerous bug fixes like, umm… “mending grass collision,” patch 4.04 has also made it so you don’t have to do so much fussing in menu screens during combat, letting you switch oils and potions right from the game’s radial menu. It’s a welcome change, since oils are vital tools in taking down specific monsters. Now Geralt can bathe his sword in whatever specific concoction will help him defeat the beasties he’s currently battling without you needing to break the flow of combat by opening up the pause menu and fiddling around with witcher’s brew.


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These quality-of-life updates come as the second half of the third season of Netflix’s Witcher series—the final season with actor Henry Cavill in the role of Geralt—is almost upon us. In his absence, Liam Hemsworth will take up the Roach-riding mantle, debuting as the Butcher of Blaviken in the show’s fourth season.

The second part of The Witcher’s third season will premiere on the streamer on July 27.

Overwatch 2’s Latest Patch Buffs Tanks, Nerfs Damage Heroes

Overwatch 2 Season 6, AKA Invasion, is upon us, and with it, the new support hero Illari and a new game mode called Flashpoint. While the aforementioned new arrivals are exciting additions to the team-based hero shooter, any seasoned Overwatch player knows the real question is whether or not its tandem patch update will nerf your main into the ground or elevate them to new heights. If you’re a tank main, this patch is what you’ve been waiting for. Damage players, not so much.

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Tank heroes got buffed overall

Doomfist, a tank that Overwatch 2’s developers acknowledged has been seeing more deaths on average compared to his fellow tanks, had his survivability increased, along with his seismic slam cooldown being reduced from 7 to 6 seconds and his power block reducing damage from explosive projectiles regardless of what direction he’s facing when hit.

The cooldown on D.Va’s boosters has been reduced from 4 to 3.5 seconds, meaning she’ll be able to bully stragglers on the enemy team even harder. And she is now immune to damage while ejecting out of her exploding mech for 0.4 seconds. While those seconds might seem insignificant on paper, that slim window of time means enemy combatants can’t damage her with a quick melee attack before a D.Va main like myself can collect their bearings and take control of a “baby D.Va.”

Here’s every other tank change:


  • Fusion Driver damage falloff range increased from 15 to 20 meters
  • Bonus health from Fortify increased from 75 to 125


  • Block now reduces damage from explosive projectiles
  • His ultimate now costs an additional 12 percent to fully charge


  • His base movement deceleration increased so he’s less flat when knocked back


  • His Tesla Canon’s recharge time has been reduced from 1.2 to 1 second and his recovery time has increased from 0.5 to 0.75 seconds. Basically, he’s a juiced monkey.


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The attack heroes who got nerfed

While tank characters experienced an overall buff this season, attack characters were somewhat nerfed this time around. That is, unless you’re a Bastion main. Bastion got a lot of changes. So much so that my brain whirls just trying to compute how many bells and whistles this bird-loving bot can now use to wipe me off the map. Here’s a list of his changes that might make sense to Bastion mains:

A-36 Tactical Grenade

  • Maximum explosion damage falloff was reduced from 70 percent to 50 percent
  • Detonation time was reduced from 0.5 to 0.35 seconds
  • Recoil adjusted so it recovers quicker
  • The projectile size of bullets increased from 0.2 to 0.25
  • Impact damage increased from 15 to 30 (holy shit)

Configuration Recon

  • His reload time was reduced from 1.5 to 1.2 seconds, so he’s a lil faster now.

Configuration Assault

  • Transforming into Configuration Assault mode now repairs 50 of his armor health

Configuration Artillery

  • His targeting state movement speed increased from 20 to 25 meters per second

Cassidy’s health has increased from 200 to 225. His Peacekeeper damage was also reworked, making its damage falloff happen at 25 to 35 meters, and his Magnetic Grenade got its distance reduced as well to make him more of a mid-range hero.

You can no longer preserve your Storm Bow’s draw strength while wall climbing as Hanzo because it “often resulted in some frustrating behavior for enemy players” according to developers. They never outright say what that behavior is, which leaves me to believe that it’s being tilted.

Sombra’s ultimate now costs an additional 15 percent to fully charge because developers say her EMP frequency has been “a little too high,” and it will no longer cancel out Lifeweaver’s ult, Tree of Life.

Soldier 76’s Helix Rockets (those things players panic use to kill their opposition with ease) have had their damage reduced from 90 to 80 and his ultimate now costs an additional 10 percent to fully charge.

Torbjorn’s weapon swap time is slightly faster (0.5 to 0.4 seconds) and his recovery time from his Forge Hammer has been reduced (0.75 to 0.6 seconds). Additionally, the recovery time of his Rivet Gun has been reduced slightly, too (0.55 to 0.48 seconds), to make up for his turret damage being decreased.

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Support heroes got a bit of both

If you’re wondering what has become of my support characters, their updates are a bit of a mixed bag. Here are their changes:


  • Her Biotic Riffle damage and healing have been reduced from 75 to 70
  • Her unscoped projectile size has been slightly reduced from 0 to 0.1 to help you heal allies and damage enemies


  • Her Barrier Shield’s health went from 300 to 250
  • Her ultimate, Rally, now costs an additional six percent to be ready to use


  • She no longer has knockback when she uses Protection Suzu
  • Her healing has been reduced from 50 to 40
  • She now heals an additional 30 of health when she’s having a teammate’s negative effects like poisons and whatnot
  • Her kunai damage increased from 40 to 45
  • Kunai recovery time reduced from 0.55 to 0.5 seconds
  • Kunai critical damage multiplier has been nerfed from 3 to 2.5


  • His health reduced from 200 to 175 but this shield health has gone from 0 to 50
  • The spread of his Torn Valley projectiles has been reduced by 25 percent
  • The healing from his Rejuvenating Dash has increased from 25 to 50 HP
  • Life Grip duration has increased from 0.45 to 0.75 seconds.
  • His ultimate, Tree of Life, now has 50 percent of its haling converted into Overhealth.


  • His self-heal with Amp It Up no longer has a penalty, which means he can survive longer while you wallride on the point to keep overtime alive.


  • Damage boost was reduced from 30 to 25 percent, so pocket-boosting nice teammates will no longer be as effective.

Fans Think Latest Pokémon Go Artwork Was Made With AI

Pikachu is shown being sad in front of a city.

Image: The Pokémon Company / Kotaku

Pokémon Go publisher Niantic has aroused fans’ suspicions after a promotional image showed some telltale signs of potentially being AI artwork, rather than something made by an actual human artist.

The image in question appears in promotional material for Adventures Abound, the next season of the mobile collectathon game, set to run from September 1 to December 1. If you open up the official Pokémon Go website’s page, you’ll see a colorful image of what looks like a city. But further inspection reveals some strange artistic decisions that has fans suspecting it might be AI, such as blurred lineart and the fact that the environment itself lacks any sort of cohesion, as if it was made without any sort of planning. The detail that most stuck out to me is that there’s a subway car that doesn’t really look like it has a tunnel to go through. Plus, there’s nothing about it that really signals it’s meant to be Pokémon art. The barren cityscape contains exactly none of your favorite critters.

After some fans pointed this out online, Kotaku reached out to Niantic for comment, and a studio representative sent a statement that stopped short of either outright denying the AI suspicions or crediting any specific artist for the work.

“Niantic uses a variety of tools and software to create visual assets,” the statement reads. “We don’t disclose specifics around our processes.”

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If this piece is AI-generated that’s a huge bummer, considering the Pokémon franchise offers a rich well of talent to draw from if Niantic wants good assets for Go’s upcoming season. Pokémon Go itself has had some lovely art show up in both promotional assets and when you boot the app, so the possibility that Niantic and The Pokémon Company could be choosing AI over real artists is really sad to see.

Companies choosing to use AI tools instead of hiring real artists is an unfortunate trend these days, and Pokémon is hardly the first video game franchise to raise questions about its use of this technology. Most recently, an ad for Amazon’s upcoming Fallout TV show also appeared to be made by AI instead of a person. It seems feeding a prompt into a machine to mediocre result is cheaper than paying an artist for good work. Capitalism comes for us all.

Niantic laid off over 200 employees in June, which led to canceling its previously planned Marvel game called World of Heroes and shuttering its basketball game NBA All-World.

Baldur’s Gate 3’s Latest Big Update: All The Patch Notes

Baldur’s Gate 3 continues to evolve. The hit fantasy RPG received its much-anticipated and sprawling Patch 3 update today, which brings Mac support, a Magic Mirror feature to redesign your player character’s appearance, and an overwhelming number of bug fixes and tweaks.

Larian Studios’ patch notes are always a pleasure to read, and the ones for Patch 3 are no exception. They also include spoilers though, so new players beware. The development team is still promising new features and epilogue scenes in the future, but in the meantime there’s plenty to chew on for both PC and PlayStation 5 players.

On Sony’s console, for example, Baldur’s Gate 3 now matches colors more closely between the spells you’re using onscreen and how the PS5 controller lights up in your hand. Neat! More importantly, Larian says it’s improved optimization and performance, including when it comes to framerate. It’s still aiming to hit a solid 60fps in performance mode, but 30fps should be more consistent across every area in the game in quality mode.

One noteable change in the gameplay itself revolves around NPC reactions. One change reads, “NPCs will no longer run away from anything but the [REDACTED] to improve interactivity and flow.” Druids and Necromancers on the Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit are rejoicing, since it means they can now summon their minions without frightening away everyone in town.

Other modifications are much more escoteric. “Fixed Shadowheart looking like she’s either in pain or about to sneeze in the background of a dialogue with Thulla,” reads another part of the patch notes. In case you’re wondering what the hell that refers to, fans quickly found an exact screenshot of the expression.

Some changes weren’t even part of player feedback. “Nobody asked for this, but we made the ceremorphosis scene on the nautiloid more horrifying,” reads one note. “These patch notes are massive, they fix so much, add so much, and even then add shit like this, just cause,” a fan wrote in the comments on Reddit. “Studio is incredible.”

Here’s the full list of Patch 3 changes in Baldur’s Gate 3 if you’ve got the time to read a small novella:


  • Baldur’s Gate 3 is now fully supported on Mac!
  • A Magic Mirror that lets you change your appearance is now available at camp!


  • Cazador now cannot turn into or remain in his Mist Form if in magical sunlight, such as that created by the Daylight spell.
  • Fixed Ansur’s Stormheart Nova blasting right through the ice shields you can hide behind.
  • Grym suddenly got eerily smart and was avoiding the Crucible in the Adamantine Forge. With a nervous laugh, we dumbed him back down a little.
  • Fixed Level 4 or higher Divine Smite allowing you to add Divine Smite as a reaction, allowing for two Divine Smites in 1 attack.
  • Fixed the Divine Smite damage increasing over the cap of 5d8.
  • Made several improvements to the Poltergeist enemy: they are now revealed on being attacked or hit with Radiant Spirit Guardians; they will not turn Invisible again if they are still in a character’s See Invisibility aura; in Balanced and Explorer Mode, they have disadvantage on Dexterity Saving Throws when Invisible; the range of their attacks has been reduced; and they won’t try to keep distance from the player in combat so that they are easier to find.
  • Fixed the Sneak Attack damage bonus not increasing to 6d6 at Level 11.
  • Fixed a case where multiple Smokepowder Arrows could be used for free while the Extra Attack feature was active.


  • The colours on the PS5 controller will now match elemental damage types more closely.


  • Improved performance in the Lower City. More to come!


  • Made dye colours more intense and more visible on some armours. This will only affect newly dyed items.
  • Dragonborn characters can now select any of the barbarian piercings.
  • Fixed Shadowheart going blonde when equipping a hat.
  • Improved the reflection in the Spectator’s eye in the Underdark.
  • Fixed face tattoos disappearing when zooming out.

Flow and Scripting

  • Fixed a bug where companions temporarily leaving the party (e.g. being sent to prison) would forget their partnership history and act unusually cold towards you.
  • Fixed a bug letting you trade with Cazador while he begs for mercy.
  • Improved the Astarion romance flow if you agreed to spend a night with him before going to camp by disabling some less important camp moments.
  • Fixed some dialogue options only showing up once when talking to Withers.
  • Fixed a blocker where if you knock Orin’s Slayer form into the chasm, you can’t get her Netherstone.
  • Fixed an issue causing Dammon to enter combat and die at Last Light, preventing Karlach’s story from progressing.
  • Added a journal step for when the tieflings leave the Emerald Grove. The Forging of the Heart quest will also close if Dammon is no longer available in the region.
  • Fixed the game thinking you’re dating Gale instead of Karlach in one of the dialogues with Karlach.
  • You now need higher approval for Shadowheart to confess her Shar worship to you.
  • Myshka the cat will now follow you around if told to, even if you don’t have Speak with Animals.
  • Halsin, Jaheira, and Minthara will no longer be able to undergo Volo’s icepick lobotomy. It’s just not their kind of pastime.
  • Fixed not being able to cut Vanra out of the hag by interacting with her Knocked Out body if all of her mushrooms are destroyed.
  • Lae’zel will no longer tag along (whether dead or alive) after you slit her throat when she ambushes you at night.
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to yoink the Orphic Hammer right out of the so-called Impervious Sphere in the House of Hope if someone else in your party is in an interactive dialogue with the sphere.
  • Fixed a flow issue in Shadowheart’s endgame romance dialogue to make sure Karlach appears alone in Avernus if Shadowheart says she’ll meet her there at a later point in time.
  • Fixed Karlach’s journal mistakenly saying you arrived in the Shadow-Cursed Lands when you arrive at the Rosymorn Monastery Trail.
  • Wyll should now acknowledge Karlach approaching him for the first time more consistently.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Shadowheart swimming scene to not play for some players.
  • The Narrator no longer thinks you’re a mind flayer when you’re not.
  • Fixed companions talking about killing Gortash after meeting Orin even if the former is already dead.
  • Fixed issues with Astarion discussing topics that are no longer relevant.
  • Reworked the interaction between Nere and Minthara:The ‘Travel to Moonrise Towers’ quest no longer sends you to Minthara after saving Nere – he has a lyre of his own now. He gifts it to you if you saved him from the cave-in. This lyre can now be used to call for the drider through the Shadow-Cursed Lands, like Minthara’s lyre does. Both lyres have new descriptions.Nere no longer mentions Minthara in his Speak with Dead.You can ask Minthara for a safe passage to Moonrise if you’d heard about it. She will ask to raid the Emerald Grove first. If this happens, Nere can be asked about Minthara and then Minthara can be asked about Nere.The journals for ‘Travel to Moonrise Towers’ and ‘Follow the Convoy’ were updated accordingly.Saving Nere no longer creates a danger zone if the duergar was killed before clearing the cave-in.
  • During your date with Karlach, Tender Henk will no longer walk away to reveal another Tender Henk standing behind him. Staring.


  • The following spells will now correctly break the Sanctuary condition: Call Lightning, Evard’s Black Tentacles, Polymorph, Hunger of Hadar, Fear, Ice Storm, Flesh to Stone, Divine Intervention, Hypnotic Pattern, Slow, Stinking Cloud, Banishment, Glyph of Warding.
  • Level Up will now queue all characters who can be levelled up so you don’t have to click on them individually.
  • Fixed some corpses never showing the ‘(empty)‘ tag after you loot them.
  • Fixed not being able to use some reactions while in disguise.
  • Cazador’s staff, Woe, now correctly unlocks the Blight spell when equipped.
  • Fixed several magic items and Volo’s Ersatz Eye losing their power after you are killed and revived.
  • Fixed the Spell Sniper feat not working on attack spells.
  • The Spell Sniper feat will now correctly reduce the Critical Hit threshold by 1.
  • Fixed the Idol of Silvanus buff disappearing after Long Rest.
  • NPCs will no longer run away from anything but the Dark Urge Slayer form to improve interactivity and flow.
  • Mummies raised through Create Undead can now Jump to follow you around better.
  • The Everburn Blade now correctly sets explosive surfaces and explosive objects alight when hit.
  • The Misty Escape feat will no longer break concentration.
  • Reading shop signs will no longer be considered a crime.
  • The Cutting Words reaction is now set to Ask by default.
  • Summoned zombies and skeletons will no longer be able to pick up loot and disappear with it when dismissed.
  • The Azer summon’s Overheat ability is now available on its hotbar when summoned.
  • The Nimblefinger Gloves now correctly apply their Dexterity bonus to gnomes, halflings, and dwarves.
  • Fixed an Animate Dead exploit allowing you to summon 2 skeletons from the same corpse.
  • Optimised how the game handles object selection on controller.
  • Fixed Sovereign Spaw being able to resurrect hirelings with Animating Spores. We taught him to not use this on player characters anymore.


  • Your selected trade mode (trade or barter) is now saved to your player profile.
  • Added an option to the Default Online Settings to let you automatically listen in when another party member enters a dialogue in multiplayer.
  • Clarified whether something is a Resistance, a Vulnerability, or an Immunity in the Examine window.
  • Added a notification for when another player in your party is trading.
  • Fixed spells being interrupted by climbing, allowing you to attack twice after climbing down from a crate.
  • Updated the Character Sheet on controller to place active Conditions above the list of Notable Features.

Level Design

  • Fixed some small holes in Act I that weren’t letting tiny characters through them.


  • Added a dialogue option to the first in-person dialogue with the Dream Visitor to avoid only having two antagonistic choices.
  • Rewrote some spell and action descriptions that were too vague.


  • Fixed Raphael’s boss fight music sometimes being incomplete or missing.
  • Fixed some VO not playing in dialogues on PS5 split-screen.
  • Fixed audio cutting out with 3D Audio enabled on PS5.
  • Optimised audio in merged split-screen cinematics.


  • Improved contact when petting Ketheric’s good girl, Squire.
  • Added some lovely blood spurts when Volo carries out his expert operation.
  • Fixed Wyll’s horns clipping into Karlach’s face during an Act II romance scene.
  • Fixed missing music on the Wyll path of Karlach’s endgame scene in Avernus.
  • Placed a nice purple picnic blanket in a romantic scene with Gale and fixed a camera spin if you choose to prefer to spend your time with him on a bed.
  • Fixed Shadowheart looking like she’s either in pain or about to sneeze in the background of a dialogue with Thulla.
  • Added some missing Boo squeaks.
  • Reworked the intro of the scene when you approach the altar at the Temple of Bhaal and fixed some bugs.
  • Updated cameras, facial expressions and head directions to better suit the tone in dialogue with Shadowheart.
  • Fixed some pops and camera issues when you start dating Lae’zel, including Lae’zel’s body flying elsewhere and then back again mid-dialogue.
  • Boo will now be framed in the shot as intended when you talk to Jaheira after recruiting Minsc.
  • Fixed Scratch floating in the air while you pet him by the posthouse in Rivington.


  • Fixed a crash when listening in on conversations in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a crash when loading a savegame made during an Active Roll in dialogue.
  • Fixed a crash when previewing wall spells.
  • Fixed a crash when walking away from a triggered trap.
  • Fixed a crash when switching between controller and keyboard and mouse while

Even Fans Are Shocked By EA Sports FC 24’s Latest $30 Loot Box

EA Sports FC 24, the latest soccer game in the series previously known as FIFA, has only been out for a little over a week and its loot box antics are already causing some fans to lose it in frustration. The Elite Season Opener Pack costs $30 and went live during the game’s paid “early access” period, jumpstarting the franchise’s annual pay-to-win race earlier than usual.

EA Sports FC 24 came out on September 22 for players subscribed to EA Play Pro or who purchased the $100 Ultimate Edition. As IGN reports, the Elite Season Opener Pack (285,000 FUT coins or 3,000 FC points) went up for sale shortly after, even before the game became available to everyone else starting on September 29. The pack promised 45 Rare Gold non-tradable players rated 80 or higher, but that includes “loan” cards, and many fans who decided to splurge on it have mostly gotten sub-90 players or duplicates of ones they already owned.

“I’m going to be honest right now to you boys please miss this pack,” FIFA content creator Swarmzy said in a video posted on TikTok. “I don’t even know what to say about this pack boys, just like, look at it man, it’s just awful man…Jesus Christ man I can’t believe it.”

FIFA’s most popular mode by far is Ultimate Team. It sees players grind or pay to unlock packs of pro player cards they can then use to create an all-star roster with which to compete against one another in competitive online multiplayer. It’s an economy driven by gambling mechanics that keeps players coming back each year to buy the newest annual release in the series and also lines publisher Electronic Arts’ pockets with revenue from microtransactions.

EA Sports FC 24 is no different, though the timing and price of the Elite Season Opener Pack has some players feeling like the company is turning the screws even more aggressively than normal. Players who don’t opt to spend the money will potentially be at a big disadvantage as they embark on their latest Ultimate Team campaign, while those who do may end up regretting it as well, given how stacked against them the odds are. The probability of unlocking a Gold 90+ player is just 5.6 percent, and some fans have spent $30 on the pack and not received any.

Some fans are joking that the pack is so outrageous it’s an intelligence test to see who actually buys it. While content creators with money to burn can be seen opening them just for the adrenaline rush and clout, some are arguing that the average value of the cards players are getting is barely half the cost of the FUT coins (earned by playing the game) that are required to buy the pack in the first place. The 3,000 paid FC point cost of the pack is also 200 more than the 2,800 points players can buy for $25, forcing them to dip into another $5 purchase to meet the required amount.

Nonsense like this hasn’t necessarily hurt FIFA’s popularity in the past, and EA Sports FC 24’s review scores, both from critics and users, are basically the same as the last game’s. But it’s always a good reminder that the best way to play the hit soccer game is just to grind for players you like and not worry too much about actually fielding a team that can dominate the leaderboards.

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Every Change In Armored Core 6’s Latest Big Patch

It was only a matter of time, I suppose. Everyone’s favorite broken Armored Core VI build is no more. FromSoftware released a new update for the mech shooter that makes its beloved Zimmerman shotguns less godlike. 621’s days of skating around Rubicon smashing and staggering everything in sight with ease are over.

The update went live on October 5 on PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC, and the patch notes list a ton of changes to Armored Core VI’s arsenal. While the game has a stellar single-player campaign, it also boasts an online multiplayer mode that’s collected a loyal following. In the interest of steering players toward a more varied set of loadouts, and also keeping the competitive meta fresh and fair, it really appears to have worked overtime re-calibrating everything from plasma rifles to tetrapod legs.

In addition to reducing the attack power and impact of Zimmermans, the fan favorite “Songbird” grenade launchers have also had their damage nerfed. Several bazookas have had their projectile speed increased, and handguns like the HG-003 Coquilett and HG-004 Duckett should be a lot more viable now. Tank treads EL-TL-11 Fortaleza have seen their defense take a big hit, and my favorite frame core, the IA-C01C: Ephemera, has seen its AP taken down several notches.

Gameplay-wise, the most notable change is to Armored Core VI’s assault boost and boost kick. Punching the right stick (R3) sends the mech into a high speed mode that players could use to crash into other mechs. That will now cause less damage, as will the impact dealt by boost kicks coming out of the assault mode. But not for everyone. “Decreased Impact/Accumulative Impact dealt by Boost Kick from all leg types except Reverse Joint,” FromSoftware writes. Reverse-jointed players have been celebrating the news all over the game’s subreddit. Their OP rooster kicks remain intact.

Yesterday’s patch follows a substantial rework last month that made a bunch of the boss fights in the game a lot easier. A lot of players had complained about the “skill check” at the end of chapter one in the form of the Balteus encounter. Some negative reviews on Steam were especially angry about it. The Sea Spider and IB-01: CEL240 fights in later chapters were also particularly challenging. Patch 1.02 made all of them more forgiving. It was welcome news for new players.

Today’s update may end up being a little more controversial. Here are the full 1.03.1 patch notes:

Balance Adjustments

Weapon Units

EXPLOSIVE THROWER “DF-ET-09 TAI-YANG-SHOU”: increased Effective Range/Total Rounds, decreased Reload Time

LINEAR RIFLE “LR-036 CURTIS”: decreased Recoil/Charge Time

LINEAR RIFLE “LR-037 HARRIS”: increased Chg. Attack Power/Cooling, decreased Charge Time

SHOTGUN “SG-026 HALDEMAN”: decreased Direct Hit Adjustment

SHOTGUN “SG-027 ZIMMERMAN”: decreased Attack Power/Impact/Accumulative Impact/Direct Hit Adjustment

HANDGUN “HG-003 COQUILLETT”: increased Total Rounds

HANDGUN “HG-004 DUCKETT”: increased Total Rounds

BURST HANDGUN “MA-E-211 SAMPU”: increased Total Rounds

NEEDLE GUN “EL-PW-00 VIENTO”: increased Total Rounds

BAZOOKA “DF-BA-06 XUAN-GE”: increased Projectile Speed, decreased Reload Time

BAZOOKA “MAJESTIC”: increased Projectile Speed, decreased Reload Time

BAZOOKA “LITTLE GEM”: increased Projectile Speed, decreased Reload Time

DETONATING BAZOOKA “44-141 JVLN ALPHA”: increased Projectile Speed, decreased Reload Time

GRENADE “DF-GR-07 GOU-CHEN”: increased Total Rounds/Projectile Speed, decreased Reload Time. Rounds now explode upon reaching their Effective Range, even if they don’t make contact

GRENADE “DIZZY”: increased Total Rounds/Projectile Speed, decreased Reload Time. Effective Range also adjusted. Rounds now explode upon reaching their Effective Range, even if they don’t make contact

GRENADE “IRIDIUM”: increased Total Rounds/Projectile Speed, decreased Reload Time. Reduced sway caused by accumulated Recoil. Effective Range also adjusted. Rounds now explode upon reaching their Effective Range, even if they don’t make contact

PLASMA RIFLE “IA-C01W1: NEBULA”: decreased Chg. Attack Power/Chg. Impact/Chg. Accum. Impact, increased Charge Time

SIEGE HAND MISSILE “WS-5000 APERITIF”: increased Reload Time, decreased Guidance

GRENADE CANNON “EARSHOT”: decreased Reload Time. Rounds now explode upon reaching their Effective Range, even if they don’t make contact

GRENADE CANNON ”SONGBIRDS”: decreased Attack Power/Impact/Accumulative Impact. Rounds now explode upon reaching their Effective Range, even if they don’t make contact

STUN NEEDLE LAUNCHER “VE-60SNA”: decreased Impact/Accumulative Impact/Direct Hit Adjustment/Attack Power on consecutive attacks

LASER CANNON “VP-60LCS”: increased Total Rounds

DIFFUSE LASER CANNON “VP-60LCD”: increased Total Rounds

PULSE SHIELD LAUNCHER “EULE/60D”: increased Total Rounds/Pulse Shield Durability, decreased Weight/EN Load

LIGHT WAVE CANNON “IA-C01W3: AURORA”: decreased EN Load. Energy Firearm Spec now applies to this weapon

DUAL MISSILE “BML-G1/P31DUO-02”: increased Attack Power/Impact/Accumulative Impact/Guidance/Projectile Speed

DUAL MISSILE “BML-G1/P32DUO-03”: increased Attack Power/Impact/Accumulative Impact/Guidance/Projectile Speed

DUAL MISSILE “BML-G2/P08DUO-03”: increased Attack Power/Impact/Accumulative Impact/Guidance/Projectile Speed

ACTIVE HOMING MISSILE “BML-G3/P04ACT-01”: increased Guidance/Homing Lock Time/Projectile Speed

ACTIVE HOMING MISSILE “BML-G3/P05ACT-02”: increased Guidance/Homing Lock Time/Projectile Speed

NEEDLE MISSILE “EL-PW-01 TRUENO”: decreased Guidance. Projectiles now follow a stable trajectory

CORAL MISSILE “IB-C03W3: NGI 006”: decreased Chg. Attack Power/Chg. Impact/Chg. Accum. Impact/Direct Hit Adjustment

LASER ORBIT “45-091 ORBT”: increased Attack Power/Direct Hit Adjustment/Ideal Range/Effective Range/Projectile Speed

LASER TURRET “VP-60LT”: increased Projectile Speed/Laser Turret Attack Frequency

Frame Parts

HEAD “AH-J-124 BASHO”: increased System Recovery

HEAD “HD-011 MELANDER”: increased Attitude Stability/System Recovery

HEAD “HD-033M VERRILL”: increased System Recovery

HEAD “HD-012 MELANDER C3”: increased Attitude Stability/System Recovery

HEAD “DF-HD-08 TIAN-QIANG”: increased Attitude Stability/System Recovery

HEAD “VP-44S”: increased Attitude Stability/System Recovery

HEAD “VP-44D”: decreased Attitude Stability

HEAD “VE-44A”: increased Attitude Stability/System Recovery

HEAD “HC-2000 FINDER EYE”: increased System Recovery

HEAD “HC-2000/BC SHADE EYE”: increased System Recovery

HEAD “HC-3000 WRECKER”: increased System Recovery

HEAD “HS-5000 APPETIZER”: increased Attitude Stability/System Recovery

HEAD “EL-TH-10 FIRMEZA”: increased System Recovery

HEAD “EL-PH-00 ALBA”: increased System Recovery

HEAD “20-081 MIND ALPHA”: increased Attitude Stability/System Recovery

HEAD “20-082 MIND BETA”: decreased System Recovery

HEAD “IB-C03H: HAL 826”: increased Attitude Stability

CORE “NACHTREIHER/40E”: increased Attitude Stability/Generator Output Adj.

CORE “IA-C01C: EPHEMERA”: decreased AP/Anti-Energy Defense/Anti-Explosive Defense/Attitude Stability

ARMS “AA-J-123 BASHO”: decreased Anti-Kinetic Defense/Anti-Explosive Defense

ARMS “AA-J-123/RC JAILBREAK”: decreased Anti-Kinetic Defense/Anti-Explosive Defense

ARMS “AR-011 MELANDER”: increased Recoil Control

ARMS “AR-012 MELANDER C3”: increased Recoil Control

ARMS “DF-AR-08 TIAN-QIANG”: increased Recoil Control

ARMS “DF-AR-09 TIAN-LAO”: increased Recoil Control

ARMS “VP-46S”: increased Recoil Control

ARMS “VP-46D”: increased Recoil Control

ARMS “NACHTREIHER/46E”: increased Recoil Control

ARMS “VE-46A”: increased Recoil Control

ARMS “AC-2000 TOOL ARM”: increased Recoil Control

ARMS “AS-5000 SALAD”: increased Recoil Control

ARMS “EL-TA-10 FIRMEZA”: increased Recoil Control

ARMS “EL-PA-00 ALBA”: increased Recoil Control

ARMS “04-101 MIND ALPHA”: increased Recoil Control

ARMS “IA-C01A: EPHEMERA”: increased Recoil Control

ARMS “IB-C03A: HAL 826”: increased Recoil Control

BIPEDAL “AL-J-121 BASHO”: increased Attitude Stability/Jump Distance

BIPEDAL “AL-J-121/RC JAILBREAK”: increased Attitude Stability/Jump Distance

BIPEDAL “LG-011 MELANDER”: increased Attitude Stability/Jump Distance

BIPEDAL “LG-012 MELANDER C3”: increased Attitude Stability/Jump Distance

BIPEDAL “DF-LG-08 TIAN-QIANG”: increased Attitude Stability/Jump Distance

BIPEDAL “VP-422”: increased Attitude Stability/Jump Distance

BIPEDAL “VE-42A”: increased AP/Attitude Stability/Jump Distanc

BIPEDAL “2C-2000 CRAWLER”: increased Attitude Stability/Load Limit/Jump Distance

BIPEDAL “2C-3000 WRECKER”: increased AP/Attitude Stability/Jump Distance

BIPEDAL “2S-5000 DESSERT”: increased AP/Attitude Stability/Jump Distance

BIPEDAL “EL-TL-10 FIRMEZA”: increased Jump Distance

BIPEDAL “EL-PL-00 ALBA”: increased Attitude Stability/Jump Distance

BIPEDAL “06-041 MIND ALPHA”: increased Attitude Stability/Jump Distance

BIPEDAL “IA-C01L: EPHEMERA”: increased Attitude Stability/Jump Distance

BIPEDAL “IB-C03L: HAL 826”: increased Attitude Stability/Jump Distance

REVERSE JOINT “KASUAR/42Z”: increased Attitude Stability

REVERSE JOINT “06-042 MIND BETA”: increased Attitude Stability

REVERSE JOINT “RC-2000 SPRING CHICKEN”: increased Attitude Stability

TETRAPOD “LG-033M VERRILL”: decreased AP

TETRAPOD “VP-424”: decreased AP

TANK “EL-TL-11 FORTALEZA”: decreased Anti-Kinetic Defense/Anti-Energy Defense/Anti-Explosive Defense/Attitude Stability

Inner Parts

BOOSTER “AB-J-137 KIKAKU”: increased Upward Thrust

BOOSTER “BST-G1/P10”: increased Upward Thrust

BOOSTER “BST-G2/P04”: increased Upward Thrust

BOOSTER “BST-G2/P06SPD”: increased Upward Thrust

BOOSTER “ALULA/21E”: increased Upward Thrust

BOOSTER “FLUEGEL/21Z”: increased Upward Thrust

BOOSTER “BC-0600 12345”: increased Upward Thrust

BOOSTER “BC-0400 MULE”: increased Upward Thrust

BOOSTER “IA-C01B: GILLS”: increased Upward Thrust

BOOSTER “IB-C03B: NGI 001”: increased Upward Thrust

FCS “FCS-G2/P05”: decreased Close-Range Assist

FCS “FC-006 ABBOT”: decreased Close-Range Assist

FCS “FC-008 TALBOT”: decreased Close-Range Assist

GENERATOR “AG-J-098 JOSO”: increased EN Capacity/Supply Recovery/Energy Firearm Spec

GENERATOR “AG-E-013 YABA”: increased EN Capacity/Supply Recovery/Energy Firearm Spec

GENERATOR “AG-T-005 HOKUSHI”: increased EN Capacity/Energy Firearm Spec


EXPANSION “PULSE PROTECTION”: increased Resilience

EXPANSION “TERMINAL ARMOR”: increased Duration

  • Adjusted Attitude Recovery rate according to Total Weight. ACS Strain now dissipates much faster on lighter ACs, and slightly slower on heavier ACs
  • Adjusted various Boost Speed rates according to Total Weight
  • Decreased top speed during Assault Boost for heavier ACs
  • Decreased Boost Kick attack range for Tetrapod legs
  • Increased EN Consumption while hovering with Tetrapod legs
  • Decreased Impact reduction effect during Assault Boost
  • Decreased Impact/Accumulative Impact dealt when colliding with enemies during Assault Boost
  • Decreased Impact/Accumulative Impact dealt by Boost Kick from all leg types except Reverse Joint
  • Adjusted damage dealt by certain weapons when attacking the pulse shield deployed from PULSE SHIELD LAUNCHER “EULE/60D”

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with CORAL OSCILLATOR “IB-C03W2: WLT 101” where charged attacks would have stronger tracking than intended when using Tetrapod legs
  • Fixed a bug where the attack warning marker would not display for an enemy AC firing DETONATING MISSILE “45-091 JVLN BETA” equipped to the left back slot
  • Fixed a bug where the attack warning sound would not play correctly for an enemy firing GRENADE “IRIDIUM”
  • Fixed a bug where charged attacks from LIGHT WAVE BLADE “IA-C01W2: MOONLIGHT” and CORAL OSCILLATOR “IA-C01W7: ML-REDSHIFT” would clip through certain structures/objects
  • Fixed a bug where reloading with a full magazine would cause certain weapons to fire unintentionally
  • Other bug fixes

Overwatch 2’s Latest Skin Gives The Hamster Nipple Rings

Overwatch 2’s newest season is now live and suitably spooky, featuring demons, monsters, Diablo characters, and nipple rings on a hamster. Wait, what?

Launched on October 10, Overwatch 2’s season seven is predictably Halloween-themed, with many of the free-to-play shooter’s characters getting creepy new costumes and skins. And a big part of this new season is the inclusion of Diablo IV-themed cosmetics, including a pretty sick-looking (but very pricey) Lillith skin for Moira. Another one of these Diablo-themed skins turns Wrecking Ball—the hamster in the giant mech—into the demon Azomodan, complete with jiggle physics and nipple rings.

…Sorry, I got distracted by the GIF. Look at those rings bounce. I have many questions. Why did Blizzard take the time to make sure they shake and jiggle so much? In fact, why did Blizzard give a hamster nipple rings?

Also, looking online, it appears only female hamsters have nipples, and they have more than two. Now, I’m not here to say Hammond can’t be himself and buck gender norms. But I will point out that Hammond the hamster is, according to Overwatch lore, 16 years old. I guess, admittedly, that’s pretty dang old for a hamster, but it seems too young for nipple ring bouncing. These are questions I didn’t want to ask, or think about. Thanks a lot, Blizzard.

Kotaku has contacted Blizzard about the nipple rings.

Reaction to the nipple rings online has been mostly confusion. “They put nipples on the hamster and then put piercings in those nipples,” said one Reddit user. “There’s so many timelines where they didn’t have to do any of that, but I live in this one.”

Another user added, “Blizzard Art Department y’all are not right for this.” But, in a perfect example of how anything can be erotic to someone, yet another person simply replied: “God that’s kinky and I love it.”

Ultimately, it’s weird and a bit offputting to see nipple rings on a hamster. But perhaps that’s the point of the new skin. It is recreating a demon, one with nipple rings. Maybe Blizzard artists wanted to evoke feelings of confusion and pain when people looked at this Hammond skin. So who am I to judge--wait a minute. What happened to his fur? Wait, is he naked and also sporting nipple rings with jiggle physics? Nevermind. I condemn this.


Destiny 2 Maker Bungie Latest PlayStation Studio To Cut Staff

Destiny's main characters stand above The Traveller.

Image: Bungie

Bungie is the latest PlayStation studio to face layoffs. While the scale of the cuts wasn’t immediately apparent, multiple, now-former staff members began posting on social media on October 30 that they’d been let go by the beloved Destiny 2 maker.

“My heart is breaking for all affected…I am now looking for opportunities,” tweeted Destiny 2 community manager Liana Ruppert. “It’s a strange feeling to wake up in the morning excited for the week ahead, only for your day to begin learning that you’ve been hit with a Reduction in Force and are now on the job hunt,” wrote recruiting lead Amanda R. on LinkedIn.

The scale of the cuts and which teams or departments are most impacted isn’t yet clear. They come the same month that fellow PlayStation studio, Naughty Dog, cut dozens of contractors across art, production, quality assurance, and other disciplines. The downsizing comes in a year that’s seen publishers like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Take-Two, and Embracer all lay off hundreds, consolidated teams, or closed entire studios. PlayStation rival Microsoft has imposed severe cuts at current first-party Halo studio 343 Industries near the beginning of 2023.

Sony acquired Bungie for $3.6 billion just last year amid an acquisition frenzy across the video game industry. In addition to the popular sci-fi MMO shooter Destiny 2, Bungie is also working on the extraction shooter Marathon as well as another original IP. Bloomberg also previously reported that the studio was involved in an internal evaluation of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us 2 multiplayer spin-off that stopped the project in its tracks. Kotaku reported earlier this month that the game, while not fully cancelled, had effectively been put on ice.

Sony and Bungie did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Update 10/30/2023: Bungie CEO Pete Parsons called today a “sad day” on Twitter. “What these exceptional individuals have contributed to our games and Bungie culture has been enormous and will continue to be a part of Bungie long into the future,” he wrote.


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