The Sims 4 Glitch Is Making Horses Horrifying

If it isn’t riddled with a bunch of off-putting glitches, did publisher EA even release a new The Sims 4 expansion pack? The latest pack, Horse Ranch, which came out on July 20, appears to be crawling with a number of bizarre bugs players have been drawing attention to since the add-on was in previews.

On July 19, for example, YouTuber onlyabidoang noticed that aging up a just-born foal seems to fuse it to its human rider, prompting it to start walking on two legs while facing the opposite direction, like some kind of glued-together, equine cryptid. To the mutated horse’s credit, it seemed relaxed, despite its head being on backwards.

“She’s just trying her best to blend in,” the YouTuber said.

Despite onlyabidoang’s bringing attention to it, the haunting glitch apparently made it through to the expansion pack’s actual release, and players on TikTok were disappointed to find that their Horse Ranch pets weren’t as cute as they’d expected them to be. That’s because their adorable horse heads were still, regrettably, on backwards, and, in some cases, another set of hooves seemed to protrude from the legs laying limp at their sides.

“The fact that this bug was discussed during preview, and they STILL left it in,” one incredulous commenter said on TikTok. “Unbelievable.”

“I feel like Sims crew lets [issues] slide for a while just for the hilarious videos it gets, and then it fixes [them] in updates,” said another popular comment.

The Sims 4 released in 2014, but nearly a decade of modifications and official add-ons from developer Maxis still haven’t guaranteed its perfection. Before horses started walking backwards, blocking and teleporting players who attempted to mount them, and occasionally forcing players to T-pose in Horse Ranch, other Sims glitches this year turned babies into Slenderman and made hot people ugly.

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EA has not yet publicly commented on the majority of Horse Ranch bugs, though it did recently fix an issue causing missing text strings in the expansion. Kotaku reached out for more information.


Spider-Man 2 Players Discover Its Most Absurd Glitch

Now that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is finally out in the wild, players are finding all of its cool moments and comic book Easter eggs. But a bunch have encountered something much more unexpected: a glitch that turns Spider-Man into a little white lump of tofu.

It’s not technically tofu per se, but that’s certainly what some players think it looks like. The strange bug sees a small cube you might associate with early development prototyping completely replace the titular superhero’s body. Spider-Block as some are calling it (me, I’m calling him that) can still do all the amazing things the neighborhood web-crawler normally does, like web-slinging through New York and comboing bad guys skyward. The weird glitch transforms the experience from cool comic book stuff to extra-surreal fever dream.

Social media is already full of players encountering the cube glitch:

Despite the bug’s prevalence, no one really seems to be sure exactly what causes it. The tofu slabs just appear any time either Peter Parker or Miles Morales’ suit model fails to load. Then it’s cube time. You can fix it by going back to the suit menu and swapping to a different costume. It’s smart to do that quickly, too, since there are reports of some cubed players falling through the map after their unexpected transfigurations. Perhaps therein lies a portal to the blockverse, but your best bet is just to reload from the last checkpoint if that happens.

Fortunately, my 40-hour experience with Spider-Man 2 was mostly bug free, though some players have reported game crashes or occasionally getting stuck on parts of the environment. A few players have even reported being unable to play the disc version of the game at all, with installations getting stuck at 36 percent. Insomniac Games hasn’t yet provided an official workaround, though the issue doesn’t seem to be too widespread. Hopefully it gets solved soon so those players can also experience the glory of Spider-Block.

Update 10/27/2023 11:48 a.m. ET: A new patch for Spider-Man 2 has fixed the block glitch and players are sad. Insomniac released the update yesterday to fix several other issues as well including an error with the game’s missing Puerto Rican flags. But now Spidey-Block is no more too. Rip to a real one.

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