The Official Overwatch Dating Sim Lets You Kiss Genji, Mercy

Hanzo is seen wearing a Cupid skin with his bow strung and a smirk on his face.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch characters are hot. We know it, Blizzard knows it, porn artists know it, and after seven years, Blizzard is finally giving the people what they want: an Overwatch dating sim experience where you can date some of the heroes. Unfortunately, the choices of romance options are very limited. So Mercy and Genji fans, Loverwatch is for you.

Loverwatch is a dating sim browser game that will launch on February 13 and stay online until February 28. It will give players a chance to pick between Mercy and Genji, two of the most sexless characters in Overwatch, with the help of Hanzo dressed as Cupid. Look at him, playing wingman for his brother. You love to see it. The game will have a secret ending that will unlock a themed highlight intro for Hanzo that you can use in Overwatch 2.

Blizzard is very clear that the events of Loverwatch are non-canonical, so if you’re a man kissing Genji, don’t read into that as a piece of capital L Lore. As far as we know, Soldier: 76 and Tracer are the only members of the alphabet mafia, regardless of who Mercy and Genji are smooching in Loverwatch.

But Blizzard, what about the suave goober that is Baptiste? What about bearded daddy Soldier: 76? What about Reaper before he became an evil edgelord and was instead just a handsome bastard with a goatee? You want me to date the walking suit of armor in a hoodie who is a canonical loner and probably says he needs healing during sex? Mercy’s not a bad pick, though. She’s a nurturing individual who will put in the work in the relationship.

Hopefully what’s starting out as a Valentine’s Day gag will eventually become a real thing, or at the very least Blizzard updates Loverwatch with new options every year. Let me date all the men of Overwatch, Blizzard. Because the world knows they could use some love.

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