Twitter Owner Elon Musk Is Now A Fallout: New Vegas Bad Guy

Fallout: New Vegas might be a 13-year-old game, but fans of Obsidian Entertainment’s open-world RPG continue to tinker with and release mods for it to this day. Hell, just this week, New Vegas received 88 new PC mods and one of them is hilariously on point, replacing one of the game’s main antagonists with X (formerly Twitter) owner Elon Musk, down to the cadence of his speech.

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Created by modder NoUsernameSelected, the Elon House mod turns Robert Edwin House into Elon Musk. In case you don’t remember, Mr. House, as he’s commonly referred to in the game, is the CEO and president of The Strip, a district located in the heart of New Vegas. While cult leader Edward “Caesar” Sallow is the de facto villain, Mr. House can serve as another big bad if you refuse to work with him. Technologically and mathematically brilliant, he’s also arrogant, looking down on plebeians and eventually becoming so full of himself that he believes he must rebuild civilization under his command to save humanity. It’s not hard to see why one modder had the bright idea of replacing the New Vegas Strip’s CEO with one of our era’s wealthiest and most impetuous business magnates.

This is where NoUsernameSelected came in. Using artificial intelligence software such as the text-to-speech synthesizer ElevenLabs, OpenAI’s automatic speech recognition system Whisper, and the deep-learning text-to-image generator Stable Diffusion, NoUsernameSelected was able to construct a remarkable and uncanny recreation of Elon Musk in Fallout: New Vegas.


As you can see, when the player walks up to the screen, which would normally contain Mr. House, they’re greeted by a soulless-looking Musk. With the player—presumably NoUsernameSelected—choosing dialogue options to chat with Mr. Musk, you can hear just how accurate the voice sounds.

In an email to Kotaku, NoUsernameSelected said this is the most impressive mod he’s made thus far. As a big fan of the Fallout series, NoUsernameSelected thought both figures—Elon Musk and Robert House—were surprisingly similar, and figured someone should swap the two. Taking inspiration from a 2020 mod that replaced Mr. House with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, NoUsernameSelected sought to bring his vision to life. But first, he had to learn how to use AI tools.

”I’m more or less self-taught,” NoUsernameSelected said, crediting the nonprofit research group EleutherAI with facilitating his learning. “I thought it would take a while to make because I was learning how to use some of the tools involved for the first time, but I actually put this together in less than 24 hours from start to finish. I already had the Elon picture just from messing around in Stable Diffusion a few weeks ago. The rest was basically just figuring out how to rip the game’s voice lines open, transcribe them with OpenAI Whisper, voice them with Elon’s AI voice on Elevenlabs, and put them back in the game. The overall API and subscription costs were only a few dollars for [about] 600 lines transcribed and voiced. With the right know-how, this kind of content is actually surprisingly easy to create.”

With his previous modding experience being only small personal projects that haven’t been shared anywhere, NoUsernameSelected explained that artificial intelligence wasn’t the only tool that helped him out here.

“I also did a bit of manual batch editing in Audacity to make him a bit more robotic like House’s original voice through his speakers, because it was too ‘real’ and crystal-clear compared to the original voice acting otherwise,” NoUsernameSelected said.

Kotaku has reached out to X for comment.

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It makes sense seeing Elon Musk replace the most arrogant and calculating character in Fallout: New Vegas. Considering that Mr. House has amassed colossal wealth but has little regard for how his decisions may impact the lives of others, the parallels between the two are close enough.


Fallout 3’s Deathclaw Creator Horrified, Impressed By Its Porn

The Deathclaw is one of the most feared monsters in the Fallout video games. They are able to rip apart low-level or unprepared players in seconds with their long claws and powerful limbs. But did you know that a subset of Fallout players finds the Deathclaws hot? Sexy, even? It’s true—and one of the creators behind the creatures shared their thoughts on all the Deathclaw porn floating around the seedier corners of the web.

Released in 2008, Fallout 3 is not the first game in the franchise but it reintroduced the post-apocalyptic RPG series to modern gamers. And many players coming into Fallout 3 didn’t know that lurking in its wasteland were giant, lizard-like monsters that were extremely deadly and scary. These mutated creatures appeared in past Fallout titles but were redesigned to be more menacing and powerful for Fallout 3. Bethesda artists Jonah Lobe and the late Adam Adamowicz worked together to create the new Deathclaws that would go on to scare players in Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76. Well, they scared most players. Some had a very different reaction to the monsters.

On August 6, an Instagram account dedicated to Fallout memes and jokes shared an image that made fun of all the Deathclaw porn that exists. The image was a screenshot of Bethesda asking for Deathclaw fan art and then comically reacting to the nasty images it received. And in the comments of this post, Lobe shared his thoughts on all the Deathclaw porn that is out there. (And yes, there’s a lot. Just know if you go looking for it, all of it is NSFW.)

A screenshot shows Lobe's comment.

“As the creator of the Deathclaw, I’ve been silently impressed/horrified at the sheer tonnage of Deathclaw porn out there…” commented Lobe.

He later retweeted a response from a cursed Fallout image account that the artist follows. The account, Draco Deathclaw, is a big fan of the creatures and shared the initial image, so they felt responsible for getting Lobe involved. The former Bethesda artist confirmed that this account had “absolutely” something to do with the response.

The Deathclaw’s creator explains why people find it sexy

In an Instagram message to Kotaku, Lobe explained that he designed the Deathclaw to be “beautiful and terrifying” in a “National Geographic sort of way.”

“I gave it a hulking, long-armed physique, a toothy scowl, and lion-like eyes that regarded the player—not with hate— but as if they were food,” said Lobe.

“But some people enjoy being looked at that way—it can be, dare I say it, titillating? And if you pair that gaze with lion-like eyes and a hulking (although fit) body, well then I can see how that might, er, arouse your interest.”

Lobe also explained that Deathclaws—which he told Kotaku were his favorite monsters he’s ever created—have “soft skin” on their underbelly and a “hint of tender pink” around their noses and nostrils. He added these elements to make them seem more “realistic” but he suspects it might have also added a sense of “touchability” to monsters. And while the monster has always been a fan favorite and has even appeared in a recent Tenacious D video, he never expected people would love Deathclaws this much.

“I mean, I’m just scrolling through Google images and I’m… yeah, I guess ‘impressed’ is probably the right word,” said Lobe. “Unsettled, definitely, but I’m not going to yuck anyone’s yum.

Lobe hasn’t posted any specific pieces of Deathclaw porn on social media or YouTube, yet. But he isn’t lying. There is a “tonnage” of the stuff out on the web, along with people commenting on Reddit and elsewhere about how hot they find the large, radioactive lizards.

I don’t want to kink shame, but I’ll offer a warning: If you meet a real Deathclaw and want to fuck it, be prepared for some rough stuff. You are going to need to have an open mind and a lot of stimpacks.

“I suppose I’m grateful that at least some people out there are giving my baby some love! Still, what has been seen cannot be unseen,” admitted Lobe.


Fallout TV Show Image Looks Like AI ‘Art’ Or A Messy Photoshop

Amazon recently revealed that its Fallout TV show will begin streaming in 2024 by tweeting a 1950s-looking postcard from Los Angeles, California with Vault Boy giving the thumbs up. Upon closer inspection, fans have noticed a lot of weird anomalies that have some thinking it might actually be AI-generated.

At first I paid the image no mind. It was tweeted out on August 23 while a teaser for the show debuted for attendees at Gamescom 2023. Then I saw this tweet by a developer who goes by “Kenney” and makes free game assets. “Amazon ($514 billion dollar in revenue) is incapable of hiring an actual artist,” they wrote. The tweet’s replies were filled with observations of strange wrinkles in the art that make it seem an awful lot like AI may have had a hand in making it, or at least someone who’s very sloppy with Photoshop.

First, there’s the palm tree in front of the yellow building that’s clearly disjointed.

An image shows a wonky palm tree.

Image: Bethesda / Amazon / Kotaku

Then there’s the woman’s legs on the left. She has three of them and one disappears into some white flowers.

A woman has three legs.

Image: Bethesda / Amazon / Kotaku

The red taxi near the front is all backwards. The headlights and hood are in the rear, while the steering wheel is in the front.

A red car faces backwards.

Image: Bethesda / Amazon

The central boulevard with the pedestrians is also confusing. The sidewalk is as wide as the street, and then there are cars on the other side of it that are going in the same direction.

People walk in the middle of the street.

Image: Bethesda / Amazon / Kotaku

Plus, as you go further into the background, the cars get messier and messier, and appear to just be alternating patterns of blue and red like they were stacked on top of one another and then stretched into the horizon.

Cars repeat similar patterns.

Image: Bethesda / Amazon

It’s not hard to find other suspicious deficiencies, too.

“I’ve been staring at this picture for quite a while and still people find new weird stuff,” Kenney tweeted. “Also there’s still people saying it’s not AI…” Even if it’s not AI it’s still not great. To Kenney’s original point, it reeks of a company cheaping out instead of paying talented people to do what they’re good at.

“It’s a shame that Amazon took the cheapest route by generating the artwork without even taking the time to do any sort of quality control,” Kenney commented to Kotaku. “I’m sure a lot of artists would’ve absolutely loved the opportunity to do the art for this. There’s a long history of film and TV adaptations that didn’t pay enough respect to their source material, but I think generating art using AI is the most disrespectful thing that could be done. It’s the lowest of effort, it’s literally not doing any effort.”

Amazon and Bethesda did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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The Fallout TV show is being led by Westworld co-creator Jonathan Nolan, and wrapped up filming earlier this year. While the promotional art references Los Angeles and Vault 33, little else is known about the series, which was previously confirmed to be separate from the main storyline of the hit post-apocalyptic open-world RPG series. After watching the recent closed-doors teaser, IGN wrote, “While we only had a very small look at the show, it’s clear that the production values are high, with the visual effects looking impressive.”

Even more bizarre, then, that the first official art delivers the opposite impression. The timing also couldn’t be worse. Hollywood writers and actors are both on strike right now over streaming royalties and concerns about the use of AI in filmmaking, including by Amazon. The Writers Guild of America blasted the company along with the other streaming giants in a recent report, accusing them of anti-competitive mergers and vertical integrations. These historic strikes passed the 100-day mark earlier this month.

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