Halo Fan Tricks Enemies Into Dying Hilariously On New Map

Gif: 343 Industries / Mint Blitz / Kotaku

Halo has always been something of a playground, one in which players could find all manner of wild tricks and unintended uses for game mechanics. With Halo Infinite’s latest season introducing some new maps, one of which features a deadly waterfall, new, death-defying shenanigans have surfaced courtesy of legendary Halo stuntman, Mint Blitz.

Though it wasn’t the first in the series to do so, Halo Infinite’s inclusion of user-deployable equipment allows for more than just pointing and shooting. One of the more versatile items is the Grappleshot: a retractable grapple hook capable of zipping players around the map at high speeds. The Grappleshot allows for swift, death-defying tricks and strats, particularly around areas of maps that usually result in near-instant death. It’s as tactical as it is entertaining and a recent video shows exactly why.

Shared to Twit—sorry, X (…), Halo trickster Mint Blitz discovered an environmental trap on the new map Forest, a waterfall that sends players falling off the map if they get too close. This led to a prime opportunity for Mint Blitz to use the Grappleshot to bait and trap players into falling to their deaths.

Mint Blitz’s scheme: trick opposing players into giving chase near the waterfall, then let the current pull them to their deaths while he yanks himself back up to safety via the Grappleshot. But that’s not the only trick he pulls off.

The Quantum Translocator, a new piece of equipment in Halo Infinite that lets you teleport back to a specified location on a map, Mint Blitz is able to tempt players to follow him into the deadly currents, only to warp back to safety once his opponents have fallen into his trap.

The video is fun to watch, but more than that, it feels like part of a long Halo tradition. After all, finding clever ways to send your opponent to a respawn counter using a combination of environmental hazards and in-game equipment is often what makes Halo such a surprising and playful game.

Twitch Streamer Kills Halo Enemies With Her Mind

Earlier this year, Twitch streamer and psychology researcher Perrikaryal used her electroencephalogram (EEG) device (which records the brain’s electrical activity, but also has telekinetic research history) to beat Elden Ring, “using [her] mind for everything but movement.” Now she’s taking things even further, gunning down opponents in Halo multiplayer without touching a controller at all.

“Killed ‘em without even lifting a finger,” Perrikaryal, who goes by Perri online, responded to a video clip esports reporter Jake Lucky posted to Twitter.

Though Perri’s whole set up—the black nodes strapped to her skull that evaluate her brain activity and let her shoot, the way she nods her head to move, and uses her eyes, through an eye-tracker, to aim—might seem to you like a swathe of inconceivable, Gattaca (1997) nonsense, it’s really the child of all-natural trial-and-error.

“There are still always comments about how this must be fake, but that just serves to show me how exciting and innovative this actually is,” Perri told me over email. But “there is still so much to improve and add. I still don’t have a full controller working—only four working [data] visualizations, which means four working button keybinds. I can only really, in practice, have two-to-three of those running at any one time; otherwise the EEG gets confused.”

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It’s all in the name of her ultimate goal, “to make the hands-free controller all-encompassing (all buttons and triggers accessible) and easier than a regular controller […] so that anyone can use it for a comparable gaming experience,” she tells me. In pursuit of this, she’s making things more complicated by streaming Minecraft, or, as she affectionately calls it, “MINDcraft,” on September 12.

“A game like Minecraft is going to be an insane challenge because of all the menus that are required to navigate,” she said. It’s a good thing, then, that Perri has big brain ambitions. In addition to calibrating her existing inputs like eye and head movements, she’s also working with a “few labs and research groups […] experimenting with biosignals,” like blood pressure and heart rate, “and EEG in order to integrate all of this into VR and a more immersive gaming experience.”

“Playing Elden Ring […] served as a great practice ground for trialing out different visualizations and figuring out what worked for me,” Perri said. “I’m not afraid of scrapping a visualization I spent hundreds of hours training for […] because I know now that that’s just a part of the process, and an important part of getting stronger as a mind-control gamer.”


Big Lords Of The Fallen Update Chills Enemies Out

The latest Soulslike to grace us this year is Lords of the Fallen, a reboot of the 2014 game of the same name. While reviews have been mixed and I’m spooked by its dual-world exploration shenanigans, it’s painfully difficult to play because enemies are after your ass all the time. They’re relentless. Or they were, anyway, until a recent patch made a pretty massive change to the game’s trash mobs.

Dropped on October 23 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, patch 1.1.224 for Lords of the Fallen introduces all kinds of tweaks to the action-RPG. Alongside fixing some rather irritating bugs, like T-posing models and collision issues, the latest update also changes enemy density and hostility, putting baddies on a much tighter leash. This alteration will shorten how long enemies chase you once you’ve aggroed them, meaning you can more freely roam the worlds of the living and the dead without a rabid group of vicious paparazzi vying to get a picture of your mangled corpse.

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This is just one of the many planned changes developer Hexworks has in the works. As outlined by the studio on Lords of the Fallen’s official subreddit, another patch landing on October 26 for all platforms will reduce the overall number of goons “in areas where players most struggle”—which unfortunately wasn’t specified in the Reddit post. They’ll still be present in New Game Plus, with enemy density and hostility ratcheting up with each journey through the game’s dual worlds of Axiom and Umbral. But during your first playthrough, enemies should appear less frequently. The October 26 update will also tweak mob behavior so that enemies don’t jump you as often.

The latest update also makes a significant change to New Game Plus. If you beat the game, you can now choose to reset the entire world or continue in your current one. Both decisions let you retain your character, items, and progression. But starting a New Game Plus in your current world will maintain your existing difficulty, rather than increasing it. Once the October 26 update lands, Vestiges (this game’s version of Dark Souls’ bonfires) will no longer disappear when embarking a New Game Plus. These two changes are meant to make trophy hunting and general exploration a little easier.

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That’s the main takeaway from the current and upcoming patches: It seems Lords of the Fallen will get incrementally easier with each subsequent update. Don’t get it twisted, it’s still a hard-ass video game. This is a Soulslike, after all, but tweaks like these will go a long way in making it a bit more approachable.


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