Survival RPG Takes Assassin’s Creed Formula To The Aztec Empire

Gif: Giantscraft / Kotaku

Ecumene Azted is a newly announced survival action RPG where you play as an indigenous warrior in 16th century Mesoamerica trying to fight off Spanish conquistador invaders. The first trailer looks rough in places but is already drawing attention for showing off a game that’s trying something a little different.

Developed by Giantscraft (it appears to be the studio’s first game), Ecumene Azted looks, at times, like an older-style Assassin’s Creed. Part of a description by the creators reads, “Harness gifts from the gods and the knowledge of the surrounding jungle in order to gain the upperhand against the vile conquistadors.”

Here’s the trailer:

The main protagonist sneaks up on soldiers to kill them from behind and climbs across stone walls to stay undetected. Out in the jungle, gameplay looks a little different, with the character building traps to catch unsuspecting colonizers and occasionally being helped out by the local wildlife.

Some other brief bullet points from the announcement include:

  • Ecumene Azted takes place in a “dense” Mesoamerican city
  • There’s a “dynamic” class system based around Jaguar, Eagle, and Snake skill trees
  • You can “make a blood sacrifice and utilize gifts from the gods”

The game is currently slated only for PC with a listing live on Steam that shows a Nvidia GTX 1660 graphics card under recommended specs, so I wouldn’t expect it to be pushing the bleeding edge of graphics. It’s also not coming out until 2025 at the earliest. We’ll see what the finished game looks like if and when it finally arrives, but in the meantime if you’re after a great survival action RPG with a similarly grim setup, Sons of the Forest arrived in Early Access earlier this year to rave reviews.

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