Madden NFL 24 Comes With A Kansas City Easter Egg

Patrick Mahomes sticks his tongue out through his teeth during practice.

Photo: Cooper Neill (Getty Images)

Soon-to-be-released football simulation game Madden NFL 24 made sure to retain a very important detail on Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes: his tongue. That’s what she said, or whatever.

Like his dad, former professional baseball player Pat Mahomes, Mahomes Jr. has become known for poking his tongue through his teeth and out the corner of his mouth while throwing, running, and all-around playing ball. NFL 24 apparently keeps Mahomes’ character model accurate by having it do the same tongue stuff, screenshots Operation Sports founder Steve Noah posted to Twitter indicate.

Yep, that pink ounce of Frostbite engine flesh looks like Mahomes’ tongue to me. I would know—one of the, approximately, four-and-a-half times I’ve ever watched American football, I noticed Mahomes’ habit and asked my boyfriend, “Ew, what’s he doing with his tongue?” He unhelpfully replied, “That’s just what he does with his tongue.”

More usefully, Science posited earlier this year that “tongue protrusions may improve the accuracy of [Mahomes’] hand movements.” You might know, anecdotally, that amphibians like salamanders send their tongues flying toward prey, but studies have indicated that mammals like mice also jab out their tongues when readying to grab a tasty snack with their paws. Researchers wonder if humans’ dexterity is likewise linked to their squishy mouth muscles.

“I think it is the center of our being, as crazy as that might seem,” University of Lethbridge neuroscientist Ian Whishaw told Science about the tongue.

I’m sure that Madden developer EA Sports took all of this into careful consideration when adapting Mahomes to its video game. In any case, you can see more of the center of Mahomes’ being when NFL 24 officially releases on PC and console on August 18 (its Early Access period is already underway).


Cyberpunk 2077’s Edgerunners Easter Egg Brings The Waterworks

Cyberpunk 2077‘s massive 2.0 update introduced a bunch of additions and changes to the open-world first-person shooter RPG. Alongside new combat enhancements and a revamped police system that makes cops far more aggressive when hunting you down for committing crimes, the latest patch also completely overhauls cyberware and perks. It almost feels like an entirely new game that just so happens to include some new Easter eggs for the fantastic—and heartbreaking—Edgerunners anime. Prepare to cry, y’all, this one’s a doozy. Oh, and be warned: There are some Edgerunners spoilers down below.

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Produced by Studio Trigger (Kill la Kill), Edgerunners takes place about a year before the events of Cyberpunk 2077. Following a punky David “Dee” Martinez, the 10 episode anime shows Dee devolve from an ambitious kid to a cold mercenary. He makes friends with a group of other talented hired guns, but like most stories in the Cyberpunk universe, the troupe’s journey ends in brutal tragedy. By the time the credits roll, only one person of the main crew is alive. And now, thanks to the 2.0 update, we can wallow in that sorrow once more.

As spotted by Redditor FirmAd6452 (via GamesRadar), Cyberpunk 2077 features murals for all the important folks in Dee’s life. Dee’s there, of course, but so is his mom Gloria, tech specialist Pilar, merc bruiser Dorio, and Edgerunners gang leader Maine—all of whom died throughout the anime’s narrative. The last mural is dedicated to best girl—and fan fave—Rebecca, who was crushed to death by the cyberjerk Adam Smasher in the final episode. The traitor Kiwi, who conspired with the anime’s antagonist to catch a member of the crew, has a mural as well, but we don’t talk about her around here.

Each of these holographic tributes is located in the Westbrook District’s North Oak Columbarium, a series of structures that holds the ashes of Night City residents. Under the murals are lines of text seemingly written from the perspective of Lucy, Dee’s girlfriend and the sole survivor of Edgerunners. Dee’s tribute, for instance, reads, “You didn’t take me to the moon, but you were there with me,” referencing the second episode in which the couple venture to the moon together. Meanwhile, Rebecca’s posits, “I regret not finishing our conversation,” calling attention to the final episode which sees Adam Smasher violently interrupting the moment the two ladies were having. I’m not crying, you’re crying. Again, there’s a line for Kiwi, too, but, traitors never prosper.

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I wasn’t prepared to think about Edgerunners again, especially with how fucked up things ended. This new Easter egg isn’t even the only one that references the anime. There are skills within the retweaked perk trees named after the characters, and Dee’s iconic yellow jacket if you want V to cosplay as him. So, although CD Projekt Red has no plans for a sequel to the anime, at least these characters will live on in Cyberpunk 2077. It’s a terrible day for rain

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