Halo Fan Tricks Enemies Into Dying Hilariously On New Map

Gif: 343 Industries / Mint Blitz / Kotaku

Halo has always been something of a playground, one in which players could find all manner of wild tricks and unintended uses for game mechanics. With Halo Infinite’s latest season introducing some new maps, one of which features a deadly waterfall, new, death-defying shenanigans have surfaced courtesy of legendary Halo stuntman, Mint Blitz.

Though it wasn’t the first in the series to do so, Halo Infinite’s inclusion of user-deployable equipment allows for more than just pointing and shooting. One of the more versatile items is the Grappleshot: a retractable grapple hook capable of zipping players around the map at high speeds. The Grappleshot allows for swift, death-defying tricks and strats, particularly around areas of maps that usually result in near-instant death. It’s as tactical as it is entertaining and a recent video shows exactly why.

Shared to Twit—sorry, X (…), Halo trickster Mint Blitz discovered an environmental trap on the new map Forest, a waterfall that sends players falling off the map if they get too close. This led to a prime opportunity for Mint Blitz to use the Grappleshot to bait and trap players into falling to their deaths.

Mint Blitz’s scheme: trick opposing players into giving chase near the waterfall, then let the current pull them to their deaths while he yanks himself back up to safety via the Grappleshot. But that’s not the only trick he pulls off.

The Quantum Translocator, a new piece of equipment in Halo Infinite that lets you teleport back to a specified location on a map, Mint Blitz is able to tempt players to follow him into the deadly currents, only to warp back to safety once his opponents have fallen into his trap.

The video is fun to watch, but more than that, it feels like part of a long Halo tradition. After all, finding clever ways to send your opponent to a respawn counter using a combination of environmental hazards and in-game equipment is often what makes Halo such a surprising and playful game.

Starfield Literally Saved A Couple From Dying In Apartment Fire

A ship exploding in Starfield.

Screenshot: Bethesda

We all know that playing video games makes you cooler, stronger, and more attractive, but for Reddit user Tidyckilla, it made him and his wife remain far more alive. Staying up late to binge Starfield is the reason credited for how the couple escaped a deadly fire in their apartment.

As spotted by Eurogamer, u/tidyckilla posted over the weekend to the Starfield subreddit to credit the game for his continued existence.

Starfield literally saved mine and my family’s life on September 1st,” the post begins. After explaining for how long he’d been anticipating playing, the not-dead person continues, “On the night of August 31st I decided to stay up and play as long as possible to experience this new universe. At 2:26 in the morning, while playing the game, I heard an explosion from my downstairs neighbors apartment.”

It seems it was no small explosion, and the resulting fire was in an awful rush. “I paused my game to see what was happen [sic], when I opened the door I saw flames rising up our stairwell to our apartment.”

I immediately got my wife and cat, rushing us to safety with only minor burns. If I hadn’t been up bingeing Starfield I would have been asleep and we would have all died to smoke inhalation.

The post is accompanied by a photograph of the raging fire, thankfully viewed from the other side of the street from the apartment, and frankly looks terrifying. The Redditor also posted some sad pictures of the aftermath of the fire, in response to the inevitable conspiracists claiming the story was made up. This news report suggests tragically one neighbor was killed, while three others were rescued by firefighters, with the cause of the fire under investigation.

It’s further proof that staying up too late playing games is very good for you.

“I want to thank this game from saving my family and me from a horrible fate,” says tidyckilla, before concluding, “PRAISE GODD HOWARD.”

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