Looks Like Lego Animal Crossing Sets Are Coming

Nintendo and Lego are planning to release Animal Crossing Lego sets according to the latest information from reliable Lego leakers online. While this news might be exciting, keep in mind none of this has been confirmed by Lego or Nintendo yet. Still, the idea of a Lego minifig version of Tom Nook is making me very happy.

Lego and Nintendo have already been working together for some time now. In 2020, we got our first official Lego Mario sets which included an advanced, electronic Mario figure. Since then, Lego and Nintendo have released more and more sets, including a giant Bowser, a Lego-built NES, and even a buildable Question Mark Block from the Mario series. This is all well and good, but Nintendo has many other franchises that are perfectly suited for Lego, so it’s nice to hear some credible rumors pointing toward the existence of Animal Crossing Lego sets.

Earlier this week, a handful of reliable Lego leakers across Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube suggested that Nintendo and Lego were working on five Animal Crossing sets that are planned to be released in March 2024. Exabrickslegogo was one of the first leakers to report on the sets after their rumored IDs appeared on Brickmerge, a site that scrapes Lego’s backend looking for any new sets or changes. While Brickmerge’s data doesn’t say what these sets are—just their piece count and release window—Exabrickslegogo and Falconbricks have claimed they are the Animal Crossing sets so many people have wanted for years.

In the past, these accounts have leaked Lego sets months before they were officially revealed or sold. So when they posted on August 2 that five Animal Crossing Lego sets were rumored to be in development, the Lego community got very excited. Other leakers and Lego content creators have since backed up the rumors and added that Lego is planning to release minifigs of various Animal Crossing characters with new molded heads that should look very similar to their in-game counterparts.

According to the leakers, here are the five sets planned for release with their rumored prices and datamined piece counts:

  • Set 77046 – $14.99 (170 pieces)
  • Set 77047 – $19.99 (164 pieces)
  • Set 77048 – $29.99 (233 pieces)
  • Set 77049 – $39.99 (389 pieces)
  • Set 77050 – $74.99 (535 pieces)

Of course, let’s not forget that plans can change. It’s possible one or more of these apparent sets could get delayed or outright canceled. (That’s happened in the past.) It’s also possible that the toy company was indeed working on Animal Crossing sets, as reflected in its database, but that Nintendo and Lego have already canceled the sets and moved on.

Or perhaps the Lego leakers are right once again, and Animal Crossing Lego sets will launch on May 1, 2024. If that’s the case, be prepared for them to sell out very, very fast.

Nintendo Confirms Lego Animal Crossing Collab

Nintendo confirmed a rumored Animal Crossing and Lego collaboration in an October 5 teaser trailer, and later announced the collab’s March 2024 release date in a trailer with more details on what it will entail.

In August, multiple reliable Lego leakers, including news site Falconbricks, suggested that Nintendo would work with the toy building company on five Animal Crossing sets ranging from $15 (170 pieces) to $75 (535 pieces), and despite the minifig-packed trailers, we still don’t know the validity of these claims.

The October 5 trailer shows a number of Animal Crossing villagers—including grinning cat Rosie and blushing rabbit Bunnie—and series mainstay characters—like public transportation king Kapp’n, entrepreneurial raccoon Tom Nook, and helpful Shih Tzu Isabelle—as claw-handed Legos. They stand in a plastic tree forest and jump around, thrilled at the present suspended by a blue balloon (in Animal Crossing, blue balloons indicate a crafting item), which passes through the clouds and reveals AC’s and Lego’s logos side by side.

Nintendo’s October 10 trailer elaborated on things, displaying set pieces to match your aforementioned AC neighbors. It looks like you’ll be able to create Nook’s Cranny, Kapp’n’s speedboat, and more immersive town elements, including a wedge of hilly grass ridged with Money Rocks you can peel off with a Lego shovel.

Based on these teasers, it looks like AC’s collaboration will include at least the eight minifigs shown in both trailers, a number of village locations (a camp site, a small home, a party set, etc.), and environmental elements, like green apple, orange, and cherry trees and a short waterfall. For more decor, Bunnie holds a leafy flower in her hand, and there are pale yellow and pink flowers, which look like they could represent AC’s hyacinths or roses, poking out of the ground, too.

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Nintendo and Lego have been working together since 2020. From this marriage, you can currently buy a massive Lego Bowser set for $270 (Lego), a content-looking green Lego Toad in a $6 blind box (Lego), or a $270 Lego CRT TV (Lego) playing an NES copy of Super Mario Bros. But this just-announced AC collaboration is the first ever Animal Crossing set, and it’s the first brave enough to stop invoking mustachioed plumbers.

Update 10/10/23 10:00 a.m. ET: Post updated to include additional teaser trailer and release window.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Has An Animal Crossing Game Mode

A Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth screenshot shows Ichiban playing the guitar.

Pay no mind to the horrifying mascots in the background.
Screenshot: Sega / Kotaku

During today’s Xbox Partner Preview, a showcase for Microsoft’s upcoming third-party games, we got a new look at Sega’s next Yakuza adventure. No, not Gaiden, the other one: Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Instead of showing off dual protagonists Ichiban Kasuga and Kiryu Kazuma kicking all kinds of street punk ass across Hawaii, today’s trailer pumped the brakes and gave us a peek at its madcap new Animal Crossing-inspired game mode.

Infinite Wealth’s new Happy Resort Dondoko Island mode will have you managing your own island resort. Like Nintendo’s cozy 2020 life simulator Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can go fishing on the beach, customize the island’s buildings and furniture, and have Ichiban craft special DIY projects. The similarities between Dondoko Island and AC:NH don’t end there. DonDonki Island will also let you forge friendships with the island getaway’s many outlandishly dressed tourists while you manage the island’s influx of funds and infrastructure just like Animal Crossing’s Tom Nook.

Here’s the trailer:


Dondoko Island may provide Ichiban and company some much-needed reprieve from the melodrama of his crime-riddled life, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to sock a couple of uninvited guests along the way—this is a Yakuza game after all. Along with making sure everyone is having a good time on the island, you’ll also have to defend it from intruders.

This isn’t the first time the Yakuza series has turned a Nintendo game like AC:NH into its own game mode. In fact, Yakuza: Like a Dragon had Mario Kart-esque and Pokémon-inspired stints in the form of Dragon Kart Racing and Sujimon, respectively. Aside from providing players with a fun alternative to punching fools, these minigames were also a great way to earn a bunch of cash to purchase health items and upgrades for the main campaign’s challenging boss fights.

A Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth screenshot shows Ichiban showing off a chair he built.

Screenshot: Sega / Kotaku

But not everything is about the money. Sometimes you just need to sit back, grab a guitar, and sing karaoke in front of a roaring bonfire. Catch a vibe, if you will. I can already see myself ignoring Infinite Wealth’s main quest to sink countless hours into perfecting my island fortress. Speaking as a longtime Yakuza enjoyer, January can’t come soon enough.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth launches on January 26 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows.


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