Minecraft Has Now Sold Over 300 Million Copies

A promo image for Minecraft shows creatures, monsters and humans together.

Image: Mojang / Microsoft

Announced during Minecraft Live 2023, Mojang’s massively popular survival crafting game has now sold over 300 million copies worldwide since its initial release in 2009.

Minecraft Live 2023, the official and annual Minecraft conference run by Microsoft and Mojang, was held on October 15 and featured announcements of new features, updates, crossover DLC, and more. And during the event, Mojang took a moment to remind folks that Minecraft turns 15 years old next year. After nearly 15 years, the blocky survival game has been ported to basically every platform on Earth and has seen numerous spin-offs, too. So it’s not surprising that Minecraft has sold incredibly well. But Mojang confirmed that it just recently broke a huge milestone.

According to Mojang, Minecraft has recently hit the hard-to-fathom number of 300 million copies sold. That’s a lot of bricks, blocks, and pickaxes! Based on what sales data is out there, Minecraft is far and away the best-selling game of all time.

To put that massive number into perspective, Grand Theft Auto V has only sold 185 million units since its release in 2012. Mario Kart 8, one of the best-selling Nintendo games ever, has sold 63 million across Switch and Wii. So yeah, Minecraft’s 300 million sold is an impressive amount, and unlikely to be toppled anytime soon. Well, until Minecraft hits 350 million one day.

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Mojang / Microsoft

Beyond the news that Minecraft continues to be one of the biggest games in history, Minecraft Live 2023 included some other news about the popular block-breaking phenomenon. Here’s a quick round-up!

  • The armadillo was named the winner of this year’s Mob Vote, meaning the cute little critter will officially be added to Minecraft permanently. The winning creature beat out penguins and crabs.
  • Minecraft is getting a new Star Wars-themed DLC set during the Clone Wars. Mojang and Lucasfilm announced that players will get to customize their own lightsaber and droid in the new adventure, which is set to launch on November 7.
  • Planet Earth III DLC is also coming to Minecraft and will include new, blocky versions of some of the biomes and creatures seen in the upcoming documentary series.
  • The next major Minecraft update will hit in 2024 and is bringing a new trial chamber item that will create randomly generated dungeons for players to explore.

Leaked Copies Of Super Mario Bros. Wonder Modded With F-Bombs

Another big Nintendo Switch exclusive has leaked way ahead of schedule. With early copies of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the handheld hybrid console’s big holiday 2023 release, already making the rounds online, modders have taken it upon themselves to make the new talking Talking Flowers in the game curse Mario off.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder isn’t officially out until October 20, but like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom before it, physical copies appear to have made their way into the wild late last week, at which point it was only a matter of time before the ROM got dumped online. While Nintendo is no doubt worried about piracy, fans have been trying to avoid spoilers for the first new 2D Mario platformer since 2012’s New Super Mario Bros. U.

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Emulation enthusiasts and modders, on the other hand, are already finding ways to improve or alter the game. DSOGaming reports that Super Mario Bros. Wonder already runs in 4K at 60fps on PC, while clips circulating on social media show the game’s serene, trippy levels defiled by foul language. As previously revealed in trailers and gameplay videos, Super Mario Bros. Wonder revolves around a new Wonder Flower power-up that turns levels into Yellow Submarine-like psychedelic sequences. It also features Talking Flowers that shout at Mario and his friends as they walk by.

Normally they say inoffensive things like, “Heya!” and, “Onward and upward!” But a recent update to the Switch toolbox mod kit has seemingly made it easier than ever to edit the onscreen text. Insert a new audio file or two and you end up with a very different version of the game than Nintendo intended.

Modder ContendoYT shared a clip on Twitter showing the Talking Flower saying “Fuck you!” as Mario ran by. User AndratVA shared another where the plant shouts, “That Goomba looks so fucking serene!” But my favorite clip doesn’t involve any F-bombs at all; it simply shows the Talking Flower gloating before dropping into a pit of lava and screaming.

“The [Talking Flowers] are scripted to talk as you approach,” AndratVA, maker of the Mario Kart 64HD texture pack, told Kotaku in a Twitter DM. “Their text and voices are all stored in the files, so changing them is easy if you have the proper tools.” Instead of just editing the text, they went the extra mile of recording their own voice-over lines. Nintendo fans are a special breed.

Of course, modded versions of Wonder can only be played on hacked Switches or PC (which also involves hacking a Switch). The overwhelming majority of actual players will only be able to experience the game as the original creators intended. Even Nintendo recognized the Talking Flowers might get annoying after a while, however: The game has options in the settings menu to mute the plants entirely.

I’d like to predict that Nintendo might eventually add official voice and script editing for the Talking Flower into an inevitable Super Mario Maker 3, but I think we all know that would be a moderation nightmare. The existing list of banned words on Switch continues to grow with every big firmware update.

Update 10/18/2023 11:22 a.m. ET: The videos of potty mouthed flowers in Mario Bros. Wonder have been removed from the internet after copyright claims by Nintendo. I’m sure they’ll be back.

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