Dead By Daylight Is Getting The Ultimate Sci-Fi Horror Collab

Dead by Daylight recently revealed all the slimy sci-fi details of its much asked-for Alien collaboration, which the asymmetrical survival horror game initially confirmed with a teaser trailer on August 1. The full trailer, posted August 8, confirms a 1979-era Ellen Ripley as the 1v4’s latest defensive Survivor character and a wet-mouth Xenomorph as an offensive Killer.

“It’s the collaboration that has been requested for years,” developer Behaviour Interactive writes in a press release. “Set against the eerie backdrop of the Nostromo Wreckage, fans will be able to go to the depths of space and try their best to dominate their prey or make it out alive.”

The collaboration introduces a new map function called Control Stations. The Xenomorph Killer is able to exploit these seven Stations as a tunnel system, while Survivors can interact with them to acquire a brand-new, safe-guarding Tool: The Remote Flame Turret.

This Tool pairs uniquely with the Xenomorph’s special attack Power, “Runner Mode,” which “allows the Killer to walk on four legs and become stealthier, reducing its Terror Radius considerably,” says Behaviour Interactive’s press release.

In response, “the Remote Flame Turret’s defensive attack staggers the Xenomorph and can cause its unique Power to end,” the press release indicates. “Players will be kept on their toes as they will need to repair the tool if it overheats, and will be forced to protect it (and themselves) from the powerful Xenomorph, which can destroy the Turret.”

Since the Turret works only on the Xenomorph Killer, I don’t expect it to wildly change the general Survivor meta. I’m excited, though, to see if it makes Survivors play extra aggressively in Alien trials.

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There’s some time before I find out—Dead by Daylight: Alien will officially release on August 29, 2023 across nearly all Dead by Daylight platforms (not mobile), including Nintendo Switch. PC players, however, can currently download a beta Public Test Build from Steam, now through August 14.


Nintendo Confirms Lego Animal Crossing Collab

Nintendo confirmed a rumored Animal Crossing and Lego collaboration in an October 5 teaser trailer, and later announced the collab’s March 2024 release date in a trailer with more details on what it will entail.

In August, multiple reliable Lego leakers, including news site Falconbricks, suggested that Nintendo would work with the toy building company on five Animal Crossing sets ranging from $15 (170 pieces) to $75 (535 pieces), and despite the minifig-packed trailers, we still don’t know the validity of these claims.

The October 5 trailer shows a number of Animal Crossing villagers—including grinning cat Rosie and blushing rabbit Bunnie—and series mainstay characters—like public transportation king Kapp’n, entrepreneurial raccoon Tom Nook, and helpful Shih Tzu Isabelle—as claw-handed Legos. They stand in a plastic tree forest and jump around, thrilled at the present suspended by a blue balloon (in Animal Crossing, blue balloons indicate a crafting item), which passes through the clouds and reveals AC’s and Lego’s logos side by side.

Nintendo’s October 10 trailer elaborated on things, displaying set pieces to match your aforementioned AC neighbors. It looks like you’ll be able to create Nook’s Cranny, Kapp’n’s speedboat, and more immersive town elements, including a wedge of hilly grass ridged with Money Rocks you can peel off with a Lego shovel.

Based on these teasers, it looks like AC’s collaboration will include at least the eight minifigs shown in both trailers, a number of village locations (a camp site, a small home, a party set, etc.), and environmental elements, like green apple, orange, and cherry trees and a short waterfall. For more decor, Bunnie holds a leafy flower in her hand, and there are pale yellow and pink flowers, which look like they could represent AC’s hyacinths or roses, poking out of the ground, too.

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Nintendo and Lego have been working together since 2020. From this marriage, you can currently buy a massive Lego Bowser set for $270 (Lego), a content-looking green Lego Toad in a $6 blind box (Lego), or a $270 Lego CRT TV (Lego) playing an NES copy of Super Mario Bros. But this just-announced AC collaboration is the first ever Animal Crossing set, and it’s the first brave enough to stop invoking mustachioed plumbers.

Update 10/10/23 10:00 a.m. ET: Post updated to include additional teaser trailer and release window.

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