Revealing Mortal Kombat 2 Code Leak Pulled By Warner Bros.

An image of the Mortal Kombat II logo.

Image: Midway Games / Nether Realm / Warner Bros.

Over the Winter holiday, someone filled all Mortal Kombat appreciators’ Christmas stockings up with something a lil’ extra: Mortal Kombat II’s source code on GitHub. The lawyers at Warner Bros. took exception to this by issuing a swift DMCA takedown notice that Github adhered to by disabling public access—but don’t fret, as there are other ways to check out the content dump.

Initially reported by Exputer, the Github post was uploaded to the internet hosting service on December 27 before getting reshared on the r/MortalKombat subreddit. While MK II’s entire source code is no longer available thanks to that DMCA takedown, that hasn’t stopped MK fans from reuploading sprites and artwork on social media.

The most notable elements of content that the MK II source code dump unearthed was unused animations, artwork, and moves that didn’t make the cut for the game’s release in ‘93. One piece of artwork was an alternate attract mode screen featuring an oiled-up Shao Khan. Although the alternate panel of Sindel’s spurned lover looks the same as MK II’s final Shao Khan attract mode screen, the unused artwork has a bunch of cloaked wizards on floating platforms in the background instead of a roaring fire. According to Polygon, the original artwork is more imposing because it illustrates how stacked the odds are against Earth Realm. Honestly, yeah, a bunch of platforming wizards is leagues scarier than a generic flame, especially if you’ve had the misfortune of playing the ‘97 beat ‘em up spin-off, Mortal Kombat Mythologies.

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The MK II leak also showcased some previously unused sprite animation and moves. If you don’t have time to parse through a nearly-three-hour YouTube video of some dude scrubbing through the GitHub files, here’s a detailed Twitter thread compiling all of the most notable findings, Twitter user Pegasus Kid combed through the leak and uploaded a comprehensive thread of cut moves, stage art, and fatalities. My favorite sprite, since everyone was wondering, is Kintaro walk cycle animation because it’s timed perfectly to the music in the Metal Gear Solid but its the Dr. Livesey Meme video.

Kotaku reached out to Warner Bros. and Nether Realm studios for comment.

Smash Bros Pro Hurt Jumping From Illegal Taxi On Way To Tourney

A big fighting game tournament, Genesis 9, took place from January 20-23 in San Jose, California. Top talent from around the world, including Super Smash Bros. competitors Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez and Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby, gathered at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center to play games like Guilty Gear Strive and Rivals of Aether. But for one Super Smash Bros. Melee pro, British player Elliot “Frenzy” Grossman, the Genesis 9 tournament started with an illegal taxi and, he claims, a near kidnapping.

“Got tricked into an illegal taxi coming out of [the San Francisco International Airport] and nearly got kidnapped,” Frenzy tweeted on January 19 with a picture of his scarred-up right hand. “Jumped out of the car after seeing the police chase after the vehicle and very luckily only bruised and scraped my hand and back. In the hospital [right now], [but I have] no idea how anything works here [to be honest].”

You might be wondering what the hell Frenzy’s talking about, as it sounds like some action movie stunt with Tom Cruise or something. Well, as it turns out, the Falco main, who was making his way to the Genesis 9 tourney, encountered some…complications when he touched down in California.

“So, I had just got off an 11-hour flight from London Heathrow Airport to San Francisco International Airport,” Frenzy told Kotaku in an email. “I was planning to get an Uber to my hotel in San Jose, but my phone had run out of battery on the way and wifi was often spotty at the airports. I decided to get a taxi instead and so, I walked out to the taxi stand.”

Frenzy is a pro Melee player for the British esports organization Reason Gaming. Hailing from England and maining Falco, he is the UK’s second-best player and the 47th-best Melee competitor in the world as of 2022. His record speaks for itself, though. He regularly places in the top 10 bracket at most tournaments he participates in and has a few first-place wins under his belt as well, with his last one being at the Galint Melee Open: Fall Edition 2022 back in November. The dude can game! However, he wasn’t prepared for the game of California transportation.

Beyond the Summit

“A driver approaches me and asked if I was looking for a taxi, to which I replied yes and then asked where I was going as per usual,” Frenzy said. “He shows me to the car and opens the door for me to get in with my things and as I close the door and belt up, I look out of the window and see multiple police officers with weapons drawn running towards the vehicle and shouting ‘Stop the vehicle!’ and ‘Get out!’ The driver ignores this and then accelerated immediately as I was still getting in and belting up, at which point I knew that I had made a massive mistake. In the moment I just decided that if I got out quick enough, it was safer than either the driver getting away and being at his mercy or getting involved in a police chase which could end in a crash at higher speeds.”

“When I turned around to put my seatbelt on, I saw multiple cops running out to surround the car out of the window,” Frenzy said. “They had guns drawn. The driver then accelerated, foot to the floor, and tried to get away. That was when I decided to bail out. I was familiar with this sort of thing happening from the internet, but I was caught completely off guard by this specific attempt, so I knew exactly what was going on.”

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Frenzy said he was in “such an adrenaline rush” that things went blurry. One minute, he was buckling his seatbelt to head to Genesis 9. The next, he was “rolling on the ground” after jumping out of the fake taxi cab. He said he “didn’t land badly or have anything else on the road” near him to cause further injury as he rolled onto the asphalt, the car going around 15-20mph. Still, he was in “pretty serious pain,” with a backpack only somewhat cushioning his tumble and his right hand taking most of the impact. The Mills-Peninsula Emergency Department in Burlingame said Frenzy didn’t break anything but had “really bad swelling, abrasions, and bruising” on his right hand as well as “friction burns” on his back from rolling on gravel and “low blood pressure” for a while. He also got in touch with cops after the incident for a quick police report.

“The cops asked a lot about what the criminal’s exact actions were and they explained they had been after this guy that had been running this scheme for a while,” Frenzy said. “They gave me some information about the case number and who to contact. I’m not 100% sure how they caught the vehicle or the criminal as I was recovering from the jump, but I saw he was in handcuffs far away as I was being attended to later on.”

A San Francisco Police Department officer told Kotaku over the phone that, although they couldn’t divulge any specific information about the incident, Frenzy’s case is real and an “ongoing investigation” is currently in progress. The officer also told Kotaku that the individual conducting the investigation will give us a callback, but that hasn’t happened yet.

“These sorts of schemes are all over the world and, as a pretty experienced traveller, I’m usually aware of them,” Frenzy said. “However, in a lapse of judgement and after a long flight, I got tricked. They try to trick you by positioning close to where the legitimate taxi stands are and even color their cars in the same layout as legit ones. They will approach people, especially those who are on their own or who are tourists, and ask if they are looking for a taxi and where they are going. Because of this, I usually tend to stick to ride share apps when traveling, but on this occasion my phone was out of battery so I was in a rough situation.”

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In the end, Frenzy made it to Genesis 9 to play some Super Smash Bros. Melee thanks to the help of the tournament’s organizers. After taking a day or two to heal up, he said he felt good enough to compete. He didn’t place that well, getting 49th in the tournament. However, he said the “event itself was amazing even despite what happened” and is “eager to return in full form next year.” Here’s hoping he gets there much safer next time.


Super Mario Bros. Super Bowl Ad Brings Back ‘Mario Rap’

Another new trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie has been released today, part of the onslaught of expensive and lengthy Super Bowl commercials, and while that’s usually enough to rot the brains of even the most online among us, I can assure you, this one is fantastic.

Unlike every previous trailer, which are actual trailers featuring snippets from the movie, this is a new take on the Mario Rap, the classic intro from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, the live-action series that ran from 1989-1991.

Here, in case you need a refresher, is the original:

Super Mario Brothers Super Show Intro

And here is the 2023 version:

Super Mario Bros. Plumbing Commercial

I haven’t called that number because I’m not the in the US, but that website is indeed up and running, and is everything you would hope it would be from a struggling small business servicing the Brooklyn and Queens areas. There’s excessive animation, broken image links, a careers page (still under construction, sadly) and even a novelty mouse cursor.

UPDATE: Hahahaha the number works:

Best of all, though, are the testimonials, including one from Spike, who is actually the brothers’ boss, and who is making an appearance in the movie (he’ll be played by comedian Sebastian Maniscalco).

Image for article titled 'Mario Rap' Makes Comeback In Super Mario Bros. Movie Super Bowl Commercial

Screenshot: Illumination


Image for article titled 'Mario Rap' Makes Comeback In Super Mario Bros. Movie Super Bowl Commercial

Screenshot: Illumination

It’s weird that one of the things people have been most interested about as far as the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie is concerned is how everyone sounds. I mean, we know who the cast is, have known that forever, but what we haven’t known is the extent to which each actor was going to ham it up.

It’s why everyone has been so obsessed with Chris Pratt’s Mario, and why Jack Black seems perfect as Bowser because…he’s done that voice 1000 times and he was born for the role. One major voice we haven’t heard yet, though, is Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong, and it was also one that could have gone in any number of directions.


This AI Makes Endless Super Mario Bros. Levels With A Few Words

A Super Mario Maker image showing Mario running away from perilous danger. While not MarioGPT, the text-to-level tool does the same thing as Super Mario Maker.

Image: Nintendo

The technology we casually refer to as “artificial intelligence” is suddenly everywhere. It’s used to “create” art, dialogue and voice, text, even video games! It’s nigh impossible to escape as we enter a dystopian future in which generative technology seeks to threaten entire livelihoods (including those of Twitch streamers). But sometimes, despite how fraught the discourse around AI can be, you’ll discover something kinda cool. So, let me introduce you to MarioGPT, an artificial intelligence tool that creates classic Super Mario Bros. levels via text prompts.

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AI research began all the way back in the ‘40s and ‘50s, and it’s been a gradual climb since. Today, we plug massive sets of data into advanced generative technologies so we can adapt and shape their output.This leads us to our current discourse, with tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E becoming mainstream. Simply entering a text prompt into an AI tool such as Midjourney will produce a machine-generated result culled from hundreds if not thousands of data sets. Ethical questions around ownership arise, some even leading to lawsuits around copyright infringement, but the sales pitch is that anyone can create anything with the help of artificial intelligence. Have an amazing idea for a novel but can’t write for shit? No problem! Plug your ideas into a writing AI like Jasper, then sit back and watch as technology writes your novel for you. Why struggle with creativity when you can have a robot do that instead?

The same thing can be done for video games. Created by a team of researchers from the University of Copenhagen, MarioGPT is a tool that can generate an endless supply of side-scrolling level layouts based on classic Super Mario Bros. stages. According to Sebastian Risi, an AI researcher who collaborated on the project, the trained tool uses “a fine-tuned GPT2 model” to gobble up text prompts and spit out levels that somewhat mirror what an actual human might create. Risi noted on Twitter that although MarioGPT “sometimes” fails to create levels on a given prompt, it “works well” in most other situations.

Kotaku reached out to Risi for comment.

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The researchers posted an eight-page PDF detailing MarioGPT’s methodology, noting that the tool is probably “the first text-to-level model” in existence. The goal, according to the researchers, is to “allow for the open-ended generation of an increasingly diverse range of content” to address the challenges of making procedurally generated games. There’s a GitHub for the tech, which requires Python. You’ll need some technical expertise, but considering MarioGPT is available for free, anyone can pick it up, study the tech’s underpinnings, and use it to create their own Super Mario Bros. levels. It’s like Super Mario Maker but powered by artificial intelligence.


Long-Hated Minecraft Steve Banned In Competitive Smash Bros.

Steve from Minecraft was added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in October of 2020. In the years since, sentiment around the character has gotten worse and worse due to accusations that the character is broken and overpowered. Now, a recent discovery around a competitively advantageous glitch has brought these conversations back into the spotlight. Now, it sounds like swaths of the Smash Bros. competitive scene are outright banning the character from tournaments.

Steve was contentious from the start, with players raising issues with his combo potential and large swath of ranged attacks. It makes him a frustrating character to fight against, and not many characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s expansive roster act as a hard counter to him. Because of this, calls to have the character banned have been ongoing since he launched. It looks like some of those people are getting their wish now that a new glitch has been discovered that pushes the character from overpowered to unfair.

What’s the problem with Steve in Smash Bros.?

In layperson terms, Steve has a glitch associated with his recoil animations that allows him to recover at a faster rate than other characters in the game, meaning he can break combos that should otherwise work with other characters and retaliate before his opponent can even act. This isn’t an intentional part of the character’s toolset, but rather an unfortunate tech workaround that worked in players’ favor. Despite this, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is no longer receiving balance updates from Nintendo, so competitive organizers are left with two options: do you ban the strategy, or do you ban the character?

The logistics of banning the strategy are complicated. If you choose to let players continue using Steve in competitive tournaments but don’t allow players to willfully use this tech, moderating matches where the character is used becomes a massive time commitment. It requires the players to save a replay of the exchange and for an organizer to view and verify that the Steve player is breaking the rules, and then ultimately make the call on the legality of the play. While these types of calls can be made more easily during in-person tournaments (though pulling away an organizer is always interrupting something else at the event), doing them in an online setting becomes much more complicated. These replays have to be uploaded or streamed in ways much more time-consuming than having an organizer walk over to the players in question at a game setup. Because of this, some tournament organizers have made the call to just ban Steve entirely, rather than devoting valuable time and resources into micromanaging a specific character.


Juan Manuel DeBiedma, a prolific Super Smash Bros. player that has won tournaments such as EVO throughout his career and organizer of online tournament The Coinbox better known by his handle Hungrybox, released a video about the situation on his YouTube channel. In the video, DeBiedma runs through several tournament organizers around the US announcing their decision to ban Steve across their events. Ultimately, after some consideration, he follows suit, saying Steve would not be allowed in The Coinbox “until further notice.”

How widespread is the Steve ban?

Barnard’s Loop, a data organizer for the Smash community, has compiled data about the current stance most states have taken on Steve. At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be a ton of consensus just yet about how hard organizers are coming down on the character. However, several are at least putting some restrictions on players using him, such as allowing him in local tournaments but not state tournaments. Despite this, Hungrybox notes in his video that The Coinbox making the ban can be seen as a blueprint for others to follow, and that time will tell how far reaching this will become.

Overall, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate isn’t beholden to unified rules, especially without Nintendo’s direct involvement in the competitive scene, so tournament organizers are free to do what they want. But the current state of Steve points to an underlying issue with fighting game balance that arises when the developer has finally moved on from supporting it. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s final patch was released in December of 2021, and since then, the community has had to wrestle with the state of the game as it sorts out its own competitive rules. So for now, Steve is getting banned by some tournaments, and will at least be a contentious pick in others.

Final Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Debuts At Nintendo Direct

Today, during Nintendo’s special Super Mario Bros.-themed Direct, we got a look at the third and final trailer for the anticipated, animated Super Mario Bros .Movie .

Before the trailer rolled, we got to see the Hollywood cast, Miyamoto, and Illumination founder riff about how March 10 (which spells “MAR10″ or “Mario” when looked at a certain way) is the official day of Nintendo’s plumber. But Jack Black then butted in, arguing that it should in fact be Bowser Day. Black’s word is law, so happy Bowser Day. Then, the final trailer gave us a better look at Mario tearing up fools on Rainbow Road, as well as Bowser’s legion of Koopa. You can watch the trailer below.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Direct – 3.9.2023 (Final Trailer)

After the trailer, Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic, the film’s directors talked about how they worked hard on making Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road and the vehicles racing down it authentic to Nintendo’s games. Finally, Miyamoto announced that Mario’s silver-screen shoes will be available to view at Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Hollywood.

While Jack Black’s Bowser featured prominently today, the previous Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer gifted us with a closer look, or listen, to Seth Rogan’s performance as Donkey Kong. Rogan is implementing Mario portrayer Chris Pratt’s method of using his regular human voice (stoner edition) in the Donkey Kong-focused trailer, where DK continued to put paws on an unfortunate Mario. It spawned a bunch of memes where fans repurposed the clip of Donkey Kong winding up to sock Mario with scenes from other popular tv shows and video games. Whether the movie turns out to be spectacular or god-awful, you can’t deny how meme-worthy its ad campaigns are.

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Shigeru Miyamoto stunned the world back in 2021 with the one-two-punch that Nintendo and Illumination Studios (the folks behind The Minions movies) were working on an animated Mario movie with a bizarre-yet-undeniably star-studded Hollywood cast. In addition to Pratt and Rogen, other notable performances include Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, Charlie Day as Luigi, Keegan-Michael Key as Toad, and Fred Armisen will voice Cranky Kong, among others.

Super Mario Bros. Il Film | Teaser Trailer Ufficiale (Universal Pictures) HD

While many continue to hem and haw at Guardians of the Galaxy actor Pratt’s inconsistent Brooklyn accent and his plumber’s lack of an ass, the majority of folks online are digging Jack Black’s show-stealing vocal performance as Bowser. But let’s be honest, all anyone really wants to hear is Zombieland Saga voice actor Mamoru Miyano belt out a hearty “let’s-a-go.”

The Super Mario Bros. was originally slated to release on October 6 last year but was delayed to April 7 and moved up to April 5.


Super Mario Bros. Movie Shouts Out Nintendo’s Biggest Water Fan

Mario and Luigi do a badass pose.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Like most people who require water to live, you probably like H20 a normal amount—but you definitely don’t like water as much as this famous Nintendo fan. They’re so well-known and beloved that they’ve even been featured in the official plumber website for the Super Mario Bros. movie.

Super Mario Bros. Plumbing is a website for a fake plumbing service where Mario and Luigi come to unclog your pipes. Not like that, you pervert. Anyway, the website is an elaborate movie marketing campaign that even features a real live van tour. If you look down at the carousel section of the website, you’ll see a review by someone named Pipe_Dreamz. “Amazing looking water courtesy of the brothers,” it says.

For the non-chronically online, Pipe_Dreamz is likely a reference to a Miiverse user named MARIO WiiU. They spent at least a couple of years commenting on the graphical quality of video game water on Nintendo’s official forums. Their bio describes them as “a hardcore Nintendo fan” who has been playing the publisher’s games since 1985. Despite being a Nintendo gamer since the Nintendo Entertainment System, they felt that the Wii U is “an amazing system.” You do you, buddy.

Since Miiverse was discontinued in November 2017, a new account claiming to be MARIO WiiU has appeared on Twitter. However, there isn’t a viable method to confirm that they’re the same person (A conundrum that they’ve addressed publicly). I have my doubts. The original water commentator had posts that were unrelated to water, and the new account only contains tweets about water. So the account is likely run by a fan of the water liker.

This isn’t the first time that Nintendo of America recognized video game water’s biggest fan. Three years ago, the publisher tweeted “Nice water” alongside a clip of Paper Mario: The Origami King.

The Miiverse may be gone, but the spirit of MARIO WiiU lives on.

Major Super Smash Bros. Tournament Leaves Attendees Feeling Ill

A major Super Smash Bros. tournament has come and gone, but not without some drama. After participating in the tournament, a bunch of Melee and Ultimate players found themselves “blowing chunks” due to a stomach bug.

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Last weekend’s Collision 2023 was a big tournament for Super Smash Bros. Melee and Ultimate. Taking place from March 10-12 at the Sheraton Parsippany Hotel in New Jersey, Collision saw all kinds of pros, such as Jigglypuff main Hungrybox and Byleth player MKLeo, competing for the top spot and a couple thousand dollars. While Kazuya main Riddles was the overall winner, taking home the first-place trophy and qualifying for the Smash Ultimate Summit 6 invitational later this month, many folks at the event won an unfortunate surprise: an illness many attributed to food poisoning caused by a stomach bug.

Norovirus may be the cause

Several attendees have tweeted about the stomach bug they caught now that Collision has ended. Hungrybox wrote that after he got home he had “some of the worst food poisoning ever,” saying he “lost 10 pounds in seven hours.” Others, like Super Smash Bros. analyst Arjun “Junebug” Rao, felt awful too.

Though most attributed the stomach bug to the chicken sandwich sold at the tournament, others have suggested that the event might’ve been infected with norovirus, a very contagious virus that mirrors the stomach flu. With symptoms including diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, and vomiting, among others, norovirus infections have surged over the last year. As reported by local American news and information platform Patch in February, New Jersey in particular has been hit hard with norovirus as of late. The disease is very common, spreads easily and quickly, and has multiple causes, including consuming contaminated food and water as well as touching your face after being in contact with an infected individual, object, or surface. Players tend to bring their own controllers to these events, but because everyone’s in close proximity to each other it seems inevitable that such an illness would find favorable conditions for spreading there.

Collision had health and safety guidelines in place

That’s not to say that the organizers didn’t have health and safety guidelines in place to keep folks as protected as possible. According to the event’s covid protocols, all participants had to show “proof of vaccination against covid-19 during the badge pickup process” or “a negative rapid/PCR-based covid test with a timestamp that’s no later than 48 hours before the event.” On top of providing acceptable documentation (physical vaccination card, digital images, information on an official state app, etc.), tournament goers were also required to wear masks inside the Sheraton Parsippany Hotel “at all times.” Anyone who felt sick in any way was asked to not attend the tournament. Sadly, maybe because norovirus is a surface-transmitted virus and not an airborne one, it appears the anti-covid measures were not enough to stop it from proliferating.

Kotaku reached out to Collision and the Sheraton Parsippany hotel for comment.

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Thankfully, the presumable norovirus infection that’s decimating all these Super Smash Bros. players’ innards is temporary, as the illness lasts just one to three days. Hopefully, everyone affected recovers quickly and the next tourney, wherever that one takes place, won’t be rocked by a miserable stomach bug.

Correction: 3/16/23, 9:42 a.m. ET: This story previously included mention of and link to a tweet about a player’s experience of the illness that the player made in jest. That mention has been removed.


Uh-Oh, The Super Mario Bros. x Lush Bath Bombs Look Like Pee

Last week, the cosmetics retailer Lush unveiled their collab lineup of Super Mario Bros. bath items. Finally, gamers will have a reason to take a bath. A bath bomb is a compact ball of essential oils and other ingredients that are used for skincare. Lush’s founder invented them nearly thirty years ago and the company remains its largest distributor. I was intrigued by their coin block bath bomb, which contains one of six Mario-themed body soaps inside of it, to be revealed after it dissolves. I was so intrigued, in fact, I deliberated on whether or not I should drop by a Lush store after work. It’s a good thing that I held off, because the bath bomb is atrocious.

Thanks to a brave soul, we now know that the block bomb makes your bath water look like pee. And not even the most degenerate among us would buy actual pee water (I hope).

“I found out why no influencers are posting about the Lush Mario yellow question mark promotion,” wrote the unfortunate customer who found out the water is not even remotely Instagram-worthy. The Mario-themed bath bomb isn’t actually defective. Most bath bombs look like a monochrome sludge after it’s been completely dissolved. But there are definitely better looking final colors than “pee yellow.”

In reality, this post was likely a joke, as there are definitely TikTok influencers posting about the Super Mario Bros. bath bomb, and they all create a golden yellow color upon impact with the water. But I think it’s very funny that Lush spent all this money on marketing the collab, and some random customer has controlled the narrative with ugly looking bath water. Kotaku reached out to the poster in question to ask whether the bath water had other contaminants in it prior to using the bath bomb. “It’s immediately like that once it dissolves,” they wrote. “Try it!” They also mentioned that the bath solution turned their fingernails “slightly” yellow.

Lush doesn’t specify the ingredients for this specific product, but their bath bombs are usually made of baking soda, a secretive “bubble mix,” citric acid, and essential oils. Some DIY experts think that bath bombs are harsh on your plumbing, since oils and glitters tend to clog up your pipes. So you might have to eventually call a plumber after one too many Mario bath bombs.

This customer took the photo before the yellow foam had completely dissolved, and the bright color helps with offsetting the idea that the tub is filled with sewage. Nevertheless, the buyer felt that it was “giving piss kink.”

If you’re brave enough to bathe in some dubious looking yellow water, you can nab these at Lush for $18. It includes a soap shaped like the big mushroom, the little mushroom, a coin, an ice flower, a fire flower, or one of the “rarest” yellow stars.

Super Mario Bros. Star Chris Pratt ‘Totally Gets’ All The Hate

Since the day Mario and Universal announced Chris Pratt was going to voice Mario in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. film, the internet has been in a state of shock, confusion, and anger. Mostly anger. And while there are some legit reasons to dislike Pratt or his casting, the star doesn’t seem phased, and even says he understands.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie, hitting theaters on April 5, follows New York City plumbers Mario and Luigi, who end up in the magical Mushroom Kingdom and become involved in a war against Bowser. The upcoming animated flick has a lot of hype surrounding it as we get closer to release. And while the general response to the movie’s trailers and marketing has been positive, the feedback from fans surrounding Chris Pratt as Mario has been decidedly more negative. Pratt, it seems, attributes all of this to passionate fans who simply don’t want the creators to screw up the movie.

In an interview with io9 published on March 29, Pratt was asked how he felt about the angry backlash around his casting. Pratt, a man with more money than he’ll ever need and lots of media training, answered like a pro, dodging the real reasons many were upset and instead suggesting folks just really, really cared about Mario.

“Oh, I totally get [the criticisms and confusion], man,” Pratt told io9. “There’s a passionate fanbase and I’m one of the fans. I get it. Mostly, people don’t want something like this to get screwed up.”

Why some people really hate Chris Pratt

That “mostly” is doing some heavy lifting, as many people online were unhappy not just because Pratt is everywhere—in multiple film franchises, including other animated films, like The Lego Movie—or that he doesn’t seem like the right person for the role, but also because of Pratt’s past and connections to an iffy church, as we explained last year:

But why do some people really hate that Pratt is the new Hollywood face of gaming’s number one mascot? Well, it probably has to do with the fact that he’s been accused of attending a church (Zoe Church) associated with anti-LGBTQ bigotry of another church it’s modeled after (Hillsong). Hillsong has been accused of engaging in gay conversion therapy, and its pastor has said the church doesn’t condone a “gay lifestyle.”

“His church is infamously anti lgbtq,” Elliot Page tweeted back in 2019 when Pratt was showing off his spiritual bonafides on late night TV while shilling for The Lego Movie 2. Pratt responded by saying that “nothing could be further from the truth” and that his church’s doors were open to “absolutely everyone.”

But according to Pratt, it’s mostly just people who are “precious” about the franchise. He added, “They’re careful. And I’m grateful for that.”

In other news, apparently, Pratt thinks Nintendo published classic Midway arcade game, Spy Hunter, and he wants a movie based on it. Good luck with that one, dude. The Rock tried and failed a long time ago. If you want to hear more from the world’s newest Mario, check out the full interview over on io9.

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