Baldur’s Gate 3 Has Everything: Polyamory, Bear Banging

If you’ve played Baldur’s Gate 3 in early access, you’ve probably met Halsin, the Druid companion who can transform into a bear that you can recruit as a party member. He’s also a romance option, and that transformation comes into play when you’re getting down and dirty with him. And I was not prepared for the direction the scene would go when Larian Studios showcased it during its final Panel From Hell presentation.

During the showcase, the team specifically highlighted romance, showcasing specific scenes as well as talking about how these relationships will unfold over the course of the very long RPG. There are multiple romance options, and each love story will take you down different paths. Some storylines will feature or allow for polyamory, others may have unhappy endings that can end with you being sacrificed to a demon. But those are broad strokes. The notable parts of the presentation were two scenes Larian showed off during the show.

The first scene shown was an adorable dinner date with Karlach, a Tiefling Barbarian. Unlike what would come after, it was incredibly sweet and had everyone in the audience saying “aww.” However, the stream took a hard left turn when it pivoted to the romance scene with Halsin. The exchange starts normal enough. The player (controlling the vampire Astarion as their main character), approaches Halsin in a discrete area of the woods. As things start to get hot and heavy, he strips and things seem to be taking their natural course. Then, Halsin loses control of himself and transforms into his bear form. He quickly reverts to human forms and apologizes. Sometimes this happens when he’s giving in to his base desires.

Depending on the dialogue choice you make, you can break things off with him here, reassure him things are okay and proceed as planned, or…you can tell him you like it. During the presentation, Larian was letting the live audience make decisions for the dialogue they would pick and demonstrate on stream, and they found the bear form tantalizing and encouraged Halsin to turn back. It took some persuasion, and Halsin said that…size might be a concern. Nevertheless, they persisted, and Baldur’s Gate 3 let Astarion fuck a bear on stream.

Near the end of the presentation during a collector’s edition unboxing, studio founder Swen Vincke informed the room the scene got the studio banned on TikTok.

There’s apparently more to the scene that was deemed not safe for the stream itself, so if someone wants to follow that to its natural conclusion, they’ll be able to when Baldur’s Gate 3 launches on PC on August 3. However, PlayStation 5 players will have to wait until September 6.

Disney World Partially Closed After Wild Bear Sneaks Inside

When you go to Disney World in Florida, you expect many things. Exciting rides, overpriced food, lots of fun characters to meet, long lines, and maybe some memory-making with friends and loved ones. What you likely don’t expect to see is a big ol’ bear—a real, wild one, not a Country Bear Jamboree animatronic—walking around the park. But that’s what happened Monday in the happiest place on Earth.

On the morning of September 18, as reported by Entertainment Weekly, a bear was spotted in a tree inside Disney World. After discovering the unwanted animal invader, Disney temporarily closed down at least 10 rides and attractions in the areas of Frontierland, Adventureland, and Liberty Square. NBC further reported that rides in Fantasyland and Main Street were also closed later in the day.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission told EW that biologists with FWC’s Bear Management Program and FWC law enforcement officers were working together to capture and relocate the bear. The same officials explained to the outlet that the wild bear was likely moving through the famous theme park and resort in search of food.

According to the My Disney Experience app, Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Magic Carpets of Aladdin, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad were some of the rides closed on September 18 as a result of the rogue bear.

What happened to the bear?

NBC reported that at around 1 p.m. EST, Disney World re-opened areas of Frontierland and Adventureland. Around 15 minutes later FWC officers and officials were seen removing the bear from the park.

According to the FWC, the adult female black bear was captured alive and is being transported to an area near Ocala National Forest.

As pointed out by EW, back in July, a smaller and less dangerous animal was spotted in Disney World. On July 12, a wild squirrel ran onto the stage of the Carousel of Progress ride located in Epcot with multiple guests recording the rodent as he explored the classic attraction. As for the bear, no update on whether Disney World is going to charge the bear for her free day in the park.


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