All Game Sales Should Be Announced Like This

Hideki Kamiya wears a silver jumpsuit in a promotional video advertising a Sol Cresta sale price.

Screenshot: PlatinumGames / Twitter / Kotaku

Video game discounts are usually announced with the casualness of a grocery store flier—maybe the developer will post something about it on its news center, or Steam will send you a perfunctory email about getting 20 percent off. Bayonetta developer PlatinumGames vice president Hideki Kamiya might change that boring convention, though, with a new video promoting Sol Cresta’s new sale price on Twitter.

The seven-second clip shows Kamiya dressed completely in silver—he wears a foiled jumpsuit with vertically scrolling shooter Sol Cresta’s Phoenix wing logo pinned to his chest, and he holds in his hand a shiny helmet emblazoned with the same crest—standing in front of a green screen spaceship’s rainbow-colored control panel.

He stares at the camera through amber tinted sunglasses for a full second before announcing: “Sol Cresta,” and then, using his pointer finger as punctuation, “now on sale.” A winged graphic emphasizing that the game is “NOW ON SALE!” sparkles on screen while a synth tune squelches in the background, and gradually fades away. Kamiya, impervious to the pixelated flying objects exploding in the window past his head, is still pointing and staring directly in front of him as the clip cuts to black.

I mean, wow. It’s giving ‘90s infomercial. And the best part is that it’s not even a huge sale—Sol Cresta, the 2022 sequel to the ‘80s’ Cresta arcade shooter series, is only 32 percent off, now through August 17. You can also only buy it for its sale price, $27, on the PlayStation store; its Switch and Steam copies are listed at full price, $40.

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So, yeah, it’s giving pomp and circumstance. It’s giving healthy creative outlet, and we could all learn something from this.


Todd Howard Seems To Think Elder Scrolls 6 Announced Too Early

Todd Howard, longtime director of huge open-world RPGs like Fallout 4 and the upcoming space adventure Starfield, appears to regret how Bethesda announced The Elder Scrolls VI, suggesting it should have revealed the game more “casually.”

Back during E3 2018—remember when we used to get actual E3 events?—Bethesda announced Starfield, its next enormous open-world RPG. But it also set aside a moment to reveal The Elder Scrolls VI, the long-awaited follow-up to its massively popular The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Five years later, Starfield is almost here, but the next Elder Scrolls game is nowhere to be found. In a new interview, Howard reveals that he’s been thinking a lot about how and when Bethesda announced the highly anticipated RPG. And looking back, he would have done things differently.

Talking to GQ ahead of Starfield’s September release, Howard was asked about Bethesda’s future after spending eight years working on Starfield. Specifically, the famous video game director was asked if he regrets announcing the next Elder Scrolls games so early, as it could take another four years before the game is actually released.

“I have asked myself that a lot. I don’t know,” admitted Howard. “I probably would’ve announced it more casually.”


When pushed to reveal anything about the future game, Howard was tightlipped, a sign of just how far away The Elder Scrolls VI still remains from launch in 2023. (Howard wouldn’t even reveal the game’s codename.)

“It’s like… I don’t want to answer, but I want to be polite,” Howard said after being asked for any details about the upcoming RPG. “I will say that we want it to fill that role of the ultimate fantasy-world simulator. And there are different ways to accomplish that given the time that has passed.”

Interestingly, Howard kind-of sort-of already did casually announce The Elder Scrolls VI back in 2016, two years before the game’s official teaser and E3 announcement. In an interview with Geoff Keighley back then, Howard confirmed that Bethesda was indeed going to make an Elder Scrolls VI, but warned it was “a very long way off.” He wasn’t joking!

As for Fallout 5, that’s coming too. Howard confirmed as much in a 2022 interview with IGN. But it won’t be out until after The Elder Scrolls VI. And considering how many years away that game likely is at this point, I’d not expect the new Fallout until sometime after 2032. At least you can play Starfield soon, when it launches on September 6 on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Division 3 Officially Announced, Ubisoft Doubles Down On Series

Ubisoft just announced a new entry in its popular third-person tactical military online looter shooter series, The Division. You probably didn’t notice The Division 3 was revealed because Ubisoft buried the news inside a corporate press release announcing a new executive producer for the “Division brand,” confirming the company has big plans for the series.

The first game in the franchise, Tom Clancy’s The Division, launched in 2016 and told the story of a biological terrorist attack in New York City that spread a deadly virus via dollar bills. This horrible event activated a secret group of highly trained operatives, Division agents, who grabbed some guns and began killing every criminal and slightly dangerous person in the city while ransacking apartments for food, clothes, and rare guns. In 2019, The Division 2 launched and continued the story but this time the shooting and looting happened in Washington, DC. Since then, the franchise has announced two games but neither has been released. And now Ubisoft has gone and done it again, this time confirming that it’s working on yet another Division project, a third entry in the main franchise.

The news of this new Division 3 didn’t come via a flashy CG trailer or some big teaser at a press conference. Instead, it was quietly announced on September 21 in a larger press release focused on Julian Gerighty, the new executive producer of the franchise. He was previously the associate creative director on the first game before becoming the lead creative director on the sequel. And now, according to Ubisoft, he’s “setting his sights on” The Division 3 as well as a “plethora of other projects set in The Division universe.”

We don’t know much about The Division 3

Ubisoft says Gerighty is building a team for The Division 3, which will once again be developed by Massive Entertainment. The publisher also confirmed that it will continue to support The Division 2, as well. Beyond that, we don’t know much more about this just-announced sequel. And based on what Ubisoft is saying here, I’m not sure there’s much to announce as it sounds like the project is just starting development.

“We may have over 40 million players,” said Gerighty, “but The Division is still in its early years as a franchise. There are so many incredible stories to tell, places to explore, and people to protect. “

The Division Resurgence: Tactical Action CGI Trailer | Ubisoft Forward

However, before Gerighty can hop onto the Tom Clancy looter-shooter train, he has to finish up his work on a different project: Star Wars: Outlaws. He’s currently the creative director behind that upcoming open-world Star Wars adventure, and won’t officially start his duties as producer of The Division franchise until that game ships in 2024.

While The Division 3 is likely years away at this point, we know there are at least two other Division games coming out sooner rather than later.

First, The Division: Resurgence, a free-to-play mobile shooter set in New York City. The other entry is The Division: Heartland, an extraction-like shooter set in the middle of the United States and featuring more rural environments and survival elements. Perhaps one day in the future Ubisoft will stop announcing Division games and actually release one. We shall see…


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