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8 Best And Useful Android Apps Must Have

With this, we hope you’ll finally be able to decide which app you should go for. Getting updates about the location is necessary in order to keep a complete check over the partner, employee, or the teen’s cell phone. Cocospy assists you by keeping you updated about the current location of the child. And also the recent locations where the child was some time ago. Just as you would expect from a spy app, Cocospy extracts the information related to the calls that were made before and after installing the click the following link app on the target device. We personally liked the app screenshot and photos feature of iKeyMonitor a lot. There was not even a single photo that was received by the target cell phone but wasn’t uploaded on the iKeyMonitor account.

  • It won’t work very well if you have less than a gigabyte of RAM.
  • Resetting the Google Account can help you solve the problem of your Android not downloading the apps.
  • Once they secure the connection, your handset will be connected to a remote computer.
  • An aspiring Web Entrepreneur and avid Tech Geek and hacking lover.
  • The app’s interface has also been designed keeping the bigger screens in mind.

When consumers scan QR codes, a number of things can occur. Businesses can use QR codes to deliver coupons, product information, and deals or use it to ask shoppers to leave reviews, feedback and follow them on social media. Android versions 8 and 9 can automatically scan QR codes without an app. Some older Android versions will also receive the latest update. You can use Snapchat, Amazon and Paytm to scan QR Codes on Android without having to download an additional app. Android smartphones with Android 7.0 and below require an app to scan QR codes.

Best Apps

We’ve curated a list of top IPTV apps that you can use on both Android and iOS. These apps have all the features that the best IPTV should have. Using the listed apps, you will be able to watch your favourite TV shows and movies whenever and wherever you want. Don’t get confused IPTV is slightly different from digital video accessed by millions on YouTube. It gives viewers the added advantage of choosing the shows they would want to watch whenever they want. IPTV sends shows and movies through a standard internet connection. This means instead of broadcasting a show at a specific time like no-IPTV, IPTV will use video on demand or time-shifted media .

You simply need to follow each step; in case you encounter any issue, get in touch with their efficient customer support. Monitoring an Android device is fairly easy given the advancements in technology, and the ingenuity of people, of course. Auto Forward utilizes an OTA link that will be sent to the target device. Once the remote access is established, the spy software will extract all possible data from the target device while it stealthily runs in the background. The information gleaned from the target device will be uploaded to your control panel which is accessible anytime. Also, you don’t need to be online all the time; Auto Forward will continue to do the work even when you’re offline.

List Of Must Haves Apps

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